Friday, October 4, 2013

A Trip to Urgent Care

I had been having a problem with my right ankle and foot since I came back from camping.

I really thought I had been bitten by something but didn't know what. Figured a spider. Yesterday it had been feeling like it was getting better. Been putting ice on it and the swelling was going down. Some times the pain was so bad and burned like fire. Well 1 am this morning I woke up in horrible pain. I got up and took a Tylenol pm and got out the ice pack. I turned on the computer and looked up the closest Urgent Care and made and apt. for this morning.  I didn't think I could drive (right foot) so I called Barb and she came over to take me. I was the only person there and had an apt. for 8:45 and wasn't seen until a little after nine. Anyway she I guess was a Dr. not sure. Didn't think it was a bite. I told her I also have CPFD but I don't every remember having such a burning pain like this. Said it was something else and I am now on steroids until Tue. when my Dr. returns from vacation.

So I haven't been away from this house for a week. Just  outside doing some stuff out on the porch and very short walks with Fred.

If any of you hear screaming from this area just ignore it, it is just me losing what is left of my mind.

Good Night All


  1. bummer... I don't know what CPFD is... I googled and it says Coastal Pacific Food Distributors ... and other such...

    what is that? whatever it is ... dang.

  2. Hope you return to some semblance of normal soon.

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Had the listed wrong sorry CPPD - Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition, when the body mass produces calcium and enters joints to crystallize not fun. It is commonly called sutto (sp) gout The cause is different all other symptom's are pretty much the same.

    Good morning John,

    Thank you me too. I have lots to do get ready for my next adventure.

  4. its 38 this morn brrrr, hope your anckle is better. Patsey isI going with Liz on her trip. that's all news from here


  5. Did it look like a bite? If so, maybe a black widow spider did it,,,sounds like what my son described after he got bit.... then waited 2 days to see a doc.

  6. Hi Lucy,

    Good to hear Patsy is going to take the trip with Liz. I think once she gets this trip under her belt she will be ready for any travels with the most confidence.

    It was 52 here this morning but the days are beautiful. At least I can sit out on the porch and enjoy it. I haven't moved the truck since I got home. :(
    Hope this foot ankle thing is gone soon lots to do.

    Hello Kevin an Tracy,

    Thank you for the wishes I wish for it too.

    Nice to see you have been able to get away again. Fool Hollow is beautiful lake and campground.

  7. You take care, girl! Glad you at least got to see someone.

    Keep us posted!

  8. My first thought was Gout. Hubby gets it in toes regularly. Two months ago in ankle. Whole foot swelled and symptoms a lot like you describe.

  9. So sorry, Jo. Hope the pain is over soon and you are back to normal.

  10. Hi Jim,

    Thank you I guess seeing some sooner might have been better. Just don't trust UC's

    Hello Phyllis,

    I remember reading about your husbands gout. the symptoms are so much alike.

    Hello Sharon,

    I hope by tomorrow I am as close to being normal as I can get. Thank you

    Hi Teri,

    thank You

  11. That is terrible and to think you have to wait until Tuesday to see your own Doctor. Did the urgent care folks find any kind of puncture wound? Hope you get better soon.

  12. Hi Gypsy,

    I pointed out what I thought might be but she just said no I don't think so. fine call it what you will give me your pills and I'll leave you to your thinking.

  13. Jo, sorry about your problem. It's no fun being laid up especially when you are independent and used to doing for yourself. I fell today and broke my foot but fortunately it's the left one - I can still use the right one and drive.LOL. Hope you're doing better soon.