Thursday, October 3, 2013

My 2 Cents

I was holding off posting on the children in our government to see how long this nonsense was going to last.

They sat they can't afford to keep the Parks open? Really. Has it occurred to anyone how much money is now being lost due to their childish behavior? Maybe Millions. We are losing tourist money from Europeans coming to this country to see out beautiful wonders. Not to mention the money they will spend in stores, Hotels, Motels and car rentals.

Also our own Americans who are losing their jobs over this. Are you going to pay them extended unemployment now? And where will that money come from? Oh SS throw the old people under the bus. So what if we paid into this all our lives. Just remember you will be old someday too! But wait you have plenty of money you have pocketed for acting like fools.

Maybe they should start emptying their over flowing pockets now give up your high paying jobs where all you seem to do is act like little children. Our would it kill you to have half empty pockets?Won't be able to drive your big shot cars and have body guards. If you acted like adults maybe you wouldn't need body guards at all.

Grow up get responsible for your behavior already!

God Please Bless American!


  1. Your last sentence says it all.

  2. I don't now what my 'kids' are going to do... each day that goes by ... their meager savings diminishes. My DIL is just devastated.... her entire future is up for grabs.

    Everything was wonderful last week... flight school... savings to move and well, ... I've written ad nauseam on my blog. and will continue to rant... to get the frustration out. I posted a short video on a congressman shaming a park ranger... seriously... I mean seriously.

    and yes... your last sentence says it all...

  3. Hi Phyllis,

    Thank you.

    Hi Carolyn.

    I feel bad for you kids and all the people put out of work due to this crap. It is making this country look so bad to European Tourists who don't understand why the People of this Country are allowing this to go on

  4. I think we have a government of petty tyrants now who are pitching temper tantrums in order to "make it hurt," with no regard for the people who elected them.

    I can't believe this is (was) America.

  5. Hi Sharon,
    This has gone to far, way to far. How sad we look to other countries right now.

  6. Yes, we are the country who is always there to help out the others countries when they need it but can't get it right when it comes to helping our own. Sad that this is allowed to happen.

  7. Hi Jean,
    I was finally able to get to your blog, but it is confusing to me.
    Yes we run to help others but not our own. It IS very Sad.