Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Early Postings

I have been posting earlier and earlier. I think it is out of a lack of anything else to do.

Tomorrow I will put out the decorations I guess. Pulled them out but that was enough.

I know I am the worlds worst backer upper. So I am going to try something new. My friend said to paint a black line down the driveway but I don't think I want to do that. I had those little yellow balls on the antenna's for backing up the Chalet. So I stuck them onto the awning supports. Tomorrow I will do some shopping and see how it works out. Also have to figure out how to attach the cargo net so I can put the groceries in the back of the camper and not have them roll all over the place.

Did some sitting outside today and then the skeeters  came hunting for me. I used SSS and they loved it.

 these snapdragons where a dollar for a bucket full

 These flowers were half price too.

Good Night All


  1. Thanks for the pretty flower pictures.

  2. No, I'm the world's worst backer upper... that's why I don't travel in my 5vr... just me and old Homer... Allison posted a great YouTube about backing up.... wander on over...

  3. Just found your blog - i am new at this blogging and trying to learn & gain whatever i can from the experienced full time bloggers in preperation for my early 2014 journey into the lifestyle. Thank you for the knowledge you inpart here - it is so helpful to us newbies. Any help, suggestion you can give would be appreciated. Maybe you can check out my blog @ jeaniesrvtravels@blogspot. Thanks again & safe travels.

  4. Such beautiful flowers. Thanks for the pictures!

    I didn't know you had a Chalet. Did you like it? Do you ever miss it?

  5. GRRRRRRR I just lost all my comment answers!

    Good morning John,

    Your Welcome.

    Hi Carolyn,

    I was just over there and didn't see any video.

    Hello Jean and Welcome to my blog.

    I haven't done to much traveling as I had bought to places in the mountains (not at the same time) that have kept me from
    exploring. I sold it this summer all to quickly and had to come back to Tucson in mid July. I bought a camper shell and it is set up now with a bed and storage so I can go.
    I hope you get to do all you plan. Good Luck
    Will go check out your blog.

    Hello Sharon,

    Thank you I love flowers, its hard to be here and not see them much. So this is the time of year to enjoy them.

    I loved my Chalet and do miss it. But I couldn't lift the top it was way to heavy. I would love to be able to find an Aliner they are much lighter.

  6. It is strange but the mosquitoes love me. Never ever bite Leonard. Someone once told be they go for a certain blood type. That can't be true - we are both A. But I'm A+, he's A-.

  7. Going to have to check that out with my Dr. Something a little more aggressive got me sometime in the past week think it was a spider foot hurts like the devil.