Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blu Emu Oil

The mornings are getting colder. It was 46 this morning and tonight should be around 49. The day was pretty nice at 78.

Quite a bit of the swelling went down. I guess taking those 4 pills in 3 hrs. got it going down. But the pain is still there and the red marks. I have another apt. at 10 tomorrow.

Tracy called to ask if they could come and use the computer. I asked her to please stop at Wally World to see if they had the Blue Emu Oil. There is a Walgreen's near her house so she stopped there first. Yes they had it and it was on sale there too. So I have been slathering it on and trying to rub it in. It has no smell and is more a cream than greasy oily stuff. Of course it says it can take about 2 weeks for any real results. I hope it works faster than that.

Smiley was a pack of energy today. And we won't go into detail about his lazy mother.  He ran his daddy ragged who was trying to fill out things on line. I leave it at that before I get aggravated all over again.

At least Fred got 2 nice long walks in from Tracy.

Good Night All


  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon, I know it's no fun and besides that I'm sure you are thinking of all the things you would rather be doing. Soon, Jo, Soon! Hang in there.

  2. I'm just surprised that the cause of your foot pain and swelling hasn't become obvious. And the red marks - are they what you thought could have indicated a bite of some kind, or are they larger than that? I sure hope you get a definitive answer soon.

  3. ah.. hope it works, of course ... I got welps from standing in a red ant hill in Texas ... and I tell you! my ankles and lower legs were on fire... huge blisters and welps... the final solution was hot as you can stand water ...

    I don't like stuff I don't know what it is ... messing with me...

    hope you sleep well...

  4. Glad to see some results in the right direction, hope you'll be all better soon.

  5. Hi klb,

    Thank you. It is a lot better. I go for a follow up this morning.

    Hello Gyspy,

    These are large areas of red, which could have come from the infection. But since so much time has passed its hard to say. Hope we come up with a solution today and a verdict today.

    Hey Carolyn,

    OH those nasty red ants, yes their stings are like fire. I only got stung once and that was horrible enough but to get bit as many times as you did had to be like jumping into a fire.

    Good morning John,

    Thanks me too.

  6. Hello Kevin and Tracy,
    Thank You very much! me too I don't like being down and it has been way to long already.