Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not Much of An Update

Went to the Dr. he asked what I was doing around the time this started. We went through possible spider, kissing bug, ticks, snakes and thorns. I was a little taken back by the thorn thing. Maybe I pulled one out but some broke off in the foot or ankle. I just don't remember anything like that. He asked how often do you go bare foot. UMmmm mostly all the time. But I don't go off the porch in my bare feet. But the porch can produce splinters. Possibility there. There is for sure an infection. It certainly can be a really bad flare up of the CPPD. Went for ex rays and have anti inflammatory meds, antibiotics and pain pills if needed. So now we wait 2 days and see what happens and the results of ex rays Of course if it's worse tomorrow I am to go back. Lets hope that doesn't happen.
He also said to get some Blue Emu Oil, my friend Barb asked them at Walgreens if they had it the guy said he never even heard of it. He looked it up and oh yes there it is and we do have it. When I went back to pick up the meds they didn't have any. I'll call tomorrow and see if it came in, if not I will call around to other stores to see if they have it. It is very expensive but I will try anything at this point.

Thank You Barb and Tracy for the rides today.

Good Night All


  1. I've never heard of Blue Emu oil - what is it supposed to do? It is strange that there are so many different things that could have caused your foot problem. You would think you'd have known if you got stung, bitten, splinter in your foot, or whatever. The ex-rays should help to know if it was a fracture. Did the Dr. think that is a big possibility?

  2. I hope they figure it out soon. It stinks not knowing what could be wrong.

    Take care Jo. :)


  3. I think you're going to have to chase down a blue Emu to get better.

  4. Jo, let me know how the blue emu oil works when you finally find it. I've heard good things about it.

  5. Yes... I had a cousin who sold the emu oil ... supposed to be really healing. I used it for a while years ago as a moisturizer and salve ... until I found out they killed the emu for the oil... then supposedly ate the meat... I dunno...

    They have it at Walmart ... probably Costco too...


    Maybe your foot will settle down now that it has seen a professional and so now it can relax itself... yeah

    'night ;)

  6. Hello Gypsy,

    I had never heard of it either until yesterday. It's supposed to have very good healing powers as Carolyn mentioned below your comment. Some times spider bites are not felt when it happens, a thorn or sticker could have happened a while ago but just got infected recently. Yes so many things could have caused this.
    Yes a possibility is a fracture.

    Hi Erik,
    I does stink I want to go camping and I have so many other things needing to be done. Of course there always seems to be more to do when you can't.

    Good morning John,

    I know where there is a ranch I go slither in at night.

    Hello Sharon,

    I sure will let you know. I will call around to the local stores to see who has it so as not to run everyone ragged trying to find it. You can get it almost any drug store or from Amazon. In Walgreens it was 17.98 but had been on sale for 11.98 but the shelf was empty.

    Hi Carolyn,

    They say it's very good stuff. But very expensive. I hope I can find it today. I just hate asking people for rides and to run errands for me. .