Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Day Visiting

Today daughter Debbie stopped in to check out wedding things. We came up with some ideas for center pieces. And what she had in mind for other table settings. Then we just kind of hung out and made a nice salad for lunch.

After a while I got a text from my friend Kathy. They pulled into the Village today for the winter. Kathy came over and we caught up on the summer stuff.

It was a nice day with good company. So happy I finally get to see my Dr. tomorrow and find out what is going on with this foot.

Good Night All


  1. Are you saying what you do best is talk?

  2. I'll be thinking about you and hope your foot is something that can easily be fixed.

  3. Good morning John,

    Hey you know what they say, Talk Is Cheap. LOL

    Hello Gypsy,

    Thank you, I need this fixed already it's cramping my camping.

    Hi Nomad,

    Thank you, have you headed south yet?

  4. yeah.. anxious to know about yer foot too.. have I missed who's getting married? your daughter, Debbie? did I know this? oh, this ... CRS business...