Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nice Visit

I had a visit from my grand kids today. It was good to see the kids again today. Thank You Tracy for bringing them over.

There wasn't much going on today as I really can't drive or walk more than a few feet around the house.

Fred got a good run with Aliya today he sure needed that.

So we sat around for a while and the boys made me laugh. Danny is a comedian.
Aliya and brother Anthony
 Danny and Anthony
It's so hard to believe these guys are already in their 20's. Where have the years gone?
Good Night All


  1. Your grandchildren are beautiful. I love being around mine as well - I know they keep me thinking young.

  2. Glad you had a nice visit. Good looking grands.

  3. Anthony looks a lot like you, I know you are proud of him. great pics, and I know Fred loved his walk with Alyia

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    It was good to see them. Once they are old enough to go on their own you sure don't see much of them. I have lots of grand kids but they all have busy lives.

    Good morning John,

    Thank you!

    Hi Lucy,

    Yes Anthony looks like me but just like my dad. They have the same coloring and the same mole on the upper lip.

    Danny has started taking class at Pima 3x a week and starts full time in Jan.

    Aliya goes to DV and is a sophomore already. Fred loves his runs with her.