Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting Chilly

It was a little chilly this morning but still not bad. The wind died down today and it was really a nice day.

Did some running with Anthony today. We finished up early and I ran to Safeway since I forgot my list yesterday when I went to Wally World. I was looking for Tex-Mex to put together a recipe tinycamper had on her blog. I have to admit I do not know what Tex-Mex is. I thought it came in a can but now I don't know. I even tried to google it but got lots of restaurants instead.

On our last walk it sure had gotten cold and the breeze was starting up and made it seem colder. Tonight we are looking at 45 degrees.

Going on a little road trip tomorrow so I hope I will have some pictures and something interesting to post.

Good Night All


  1. Have a safe and fun trip. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  2. Hope you have a GREAT time on your road trip!

    The "tex mex" is simply diced tomatoes with mexican seasoning added. You could use regular canned tomatoes and just add a little mexican seasoning instead. :)

  3. Tex Mex is Mexican food with different spices. My fav.

  4. Hello Gypsy,

    It is long over due. Thank you I am going to take pictures so I will have a real post tonight.

    Hello Sharon,

    I was hoping you would stop by and help me out. :) I bought Ro Tel, now that it is getting colder I like these types of foods. I'll make it tomorrow. Thank You!

  5. Hi trouble,

    I'll try the Ro tel and the other things she mentioned.

  6. Tex-Mex is Americanized Mexican food.

    Rotel Tomatoes are diced tomatoes with jalapenos and cilantro in them. You can buy regular, mild or hot. The hot is H-O-T. I use the regular and sometimes use on can of the mild with it.

    Mesquite, Texas

  7. Hello Nancy,
    welcome to my madness. Tomorrow I will make this dish and see how it turns out. Since I am such a wimp with hot stuff I bought the mild.