Thursday, October 31, 2013

La Siesta Camp Ground

The morning was really on the cold side at 44 degrees. Had to turn the heat up so I could take a shower.

Then we were off to La Siesta. It was 52 miles from my house. The ride was interesting. Lots of dips and curves in the road. Little ranches with horses and cattle. Even had some outside the fence line on the side of the road.

This campground had a grand opening July 4 of this year and is a work in progress. Steve one of the owners lives on the property and gave us a tour. They also raise Talapia, Koi and a few other fish. There are several ponds that are filtered and run into the smaller ponds and back to the filtering systems that once again make the rounds.

When all the plumbing is done these fountains will have running water, they are scattered around.

 Right now this is the shower room for the lower part of the camp ground a new restrooms and showers are underway. But on the upper end there are real showers and restrooms
 This is one of the Koi ponds. These fish are about 3 months old

 One of the ponds with paddle boats
 The ice house in located in the gazebo
 Behind these trees there is a building going up to house an outdoor kitchen with electric and screened windows.
There are more pictures but loading them is a pain since you have to go back and forth each time to the location of the pictures. I'll post more tomorrow. But it will be fun to stay here and watch this place grow into a wonderful park. They will rent tents and some will be large with fancy beds and furniture. They work with a company that have these tents and bring them out as needed. When the season is over they pick them up. They are going to clear more land for larger Rigs and the road will be paved to the property. They are also looking to buy another 10 acres to expand.
Good Night All


  1. Some of those tents that are glamped out can be pretty fancy... It will be fun to see their progress. Hope you are having a grand time.

  2. I would worry about predator birds getting to the koi. There is a creek that runs through my son's neighborhood in NY and is home for part of the summer to a blue heron. He and his friends found a koi pond nearby, and they say it was a real bloodbath. Not a fish left! I guess there are also animals that like fish.

    It will be interesting to see this park as it expands. They have an ambitious plan, for sure. How long will you be there?

  3. How fun being one of the first to use the new campground, you're a real pioneer.

  4. Good to see you on the road. BTW, you can load a lot of photos at once. Just hold the CTRL key down as you select them. Then blogger will upload them all.

  5. Hello klb,

    They had a picture of one on their web site it was quite grand. He had a some of the furniture stored in one of the buildings that will be a store of sorts soon. I am not camping at this time but hope soon.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I was thinking of that myself. There are lots of critters out there. That I am sure would eat these fish. I guess maybe they cover them over with something if a danger is lurking.

    When I go I would like to spend at least a week.

    Good morning John,

    Maybe I should go get me a calico dress and bonnet.

    Hi Kim,

    It was so nice to be able to do at least a road trip. Hope to have the camper finished this weekend so I will be nice and snug. I need to be home to get this done and my daughter is coming Monday to try on her gown. Can't wait for all this to be over so I can hit the road for at least 2 weeks.

    Thanks for the tip to upload more pictures at once.

  6. I wish them the best of luck. Sounds like they are trying to make it a great place to visit! Looks like a pretty place as well.

  7. Hi Cyn,

    I think it will really be a fun place.

  8. La Siesta Campgrounds will be participating in Arivaca Home & Garden Tours.
    Bring your restored vintage travel trailers to sell or show.

    Arivaca Home Tours January 2014:: Saturday January 25th - (OK to arrive on Friday 24th through the 26th)

    Where: La Siesta Campgrounds 16005 W Hardscrabble Rd. Arivaca,AZ 85601 just about 1 1/2 hours drive from south of Tucson, Off of Highway I-19. Mountain views, numerous mesquite trees, catch and release fishing, paddle boats, and hiking

    Fees are per night Plus Tax:
    $12 Tent Camping per night,
    Restored Vintage Travel Trailers $15.00 per night,
    $18.00 for new RV per night, and
    $25.00 for RV Full Hookup

    pay at the gazebo

    Event fee $10.00 Arivaca Home Tour 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Jan.25th,2014

    Tickets for the Home Tours $10.00 available in January
    @ GreenValley Chamber of Commerce and various Arivaca locales.

    Green Valley ~ Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce
    275 W Continental Suite 123
    Green Valley, AZ 85622

    Phone: 520.625.7575
    Fax: 520.648.6154
    Toll Free: 800.858.5872

    Registration for Vintage Travel Trailers: Contact Steve Rendon at

    Weather: Warm days, cold nights (bring a heater, bring a jacket).

    Camp Sites Vendors;

    Eco Gro; DIY Aquaponics Systems, Plants, Pottery, and Crafts.

    Local Roots Aquaponics; Aquaponics installation and consulting

    Black Water Creek Koi

    Amy Novelli Paintings, Art and Crafts

    Los Pajaros Ranch B&B and Vintage Travel Trailer Rentals

    BK Outlaw BBQ

    Arizona Roundup Vintage Travel Trailers

    La Siesta Campgrounds Glamour Tents

    Outdoors Geek Camping Gear Rental

    Decorations: Please decorate with a fun theme. Prizes will be awarded Saturday for each group area.

    Swap Meet: Go ahead and bring a pop up and table to sell your vintage wares or extra camping equipment, Thursday - Sunday in the open section of the large group area.


    Thursday: Early bird arrivals, decorate group areas, explore the park trails. PM: Small group area: cozy BYO happy hour - bring munchies - small bonfire.

    Friday: Normal arrival time and set up. PM: Meet and greet after dinner. group bonfire,

    Saturday: AM: Tours 10am-4pm

    Sunday: Go explore. You may go home at your leisure or spend one more night and leave in the morning. For those who want to enjoy peace and quiet, we have the park until Tuesday AM.

    I hope you and your friends are able to come down

    Steve Rendon

    La Siesta Campgrounds
    16005 W Hardscrabble Rd
    Arivaca,AZ 85601