Friday, November 1, 2013

Lunch With a New Neighbor

This morning was another chilly one but the day turned out really nice.

My sister had called me earlier in the week to have lunch with her new  next door neighbor. They picked me up 11:30 and off we went to Chili's. I love their salad I had the Santa Fe with chicken.

After lunch I walked Fred then took off to run some errands. Stopped at Verizon so they could check out my MiFi. They said it was fine so it has to be something with my house. Must be a gremlin somewhere. Then went to pick up my repaired jeweler I wasn't all that pleased. Usually when you pick up repaired jewelry  it looks all new and shiny. Not in this case. He said the ring was made of something that wouldn't hold or stick the little stone to it and had to use glue. The glue was caked on and I believe the stone is going to fall out. I tried to clean as much of the glue off as I could without making the stone come out as it moved some. My bracelet was dirty also. I will not return there again.

I stopped in at the hair salon to see if the girl could squeeze me in but she was heading out. I will go Monday afternoon.

Today was Barb's birthday so I bought her some flowers and stopped over and we sat for awhile. By time I got home I needed to walk Fred again.

We finally settled in for the night and I cleaned up my jewelry.

 This mushroom is for Sharon, It stood about a foot tall
 This pond or as Steve lovingly called it the Lake is now being filled. You can see the dock upper right corner
 There are baby blue gills in the lake.
 Steve said we should have lunch at this restaurant but it is closed on Tues. I believe this was a huge ranch at one time and they kept the name for most things around.

 This mountain are the Santa Rita Range we are heading east to the highway on the way home

Kim thank you for the tip to download more all the pictures at once much easier for sure and quicker too

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All


  1. I forget what the problem was with the MiFi. When mine acts up sometimes I just turn off the unit, take out the battery, count to 5 or 10, and then put the battery back in. It usually works and I don't have to do that often.

  2. Hello Gypsy

    It has something to do with my house. But he did something and said not to use it plugged into the computer so far so good. The unit works great everywhere but my house.

  3. Hi, Jo! I've missed so much in my absence from reading, but I'm glad to find you are doing well. There's no hope that I'll ever catch up, but I do want to at least say hi to everyone, and see all is well with my bloggers. Jack and I send hugs to Fred. :)

  4. Hello to You Both,

    We are doing well and I am planning to take off for a few days next week. I would love to hear how your trip went.

    Love to you and Jack

  5. Loved your photos, as always. The little flower with the golden crown is exquisite.

    The mushroom stumps me. I have no idea what it is! :)

  6. I answered this but who knows where it went.

    Hi Sharon,
    I couldn't believe the size of the stem, I thought of you as soon as I spotted the mushroom.