Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shopping Done

I finally got my shopping done today. But the wind was awful and came early this morning instead of later in the afternoon.

I picked up a handle for the door on the camper so I can close it from the inside. Just need to figure out the best place to put it. Also picked up Velcro dots for the curtains. The dots are on the curtains so next is to put them in and on the windows. That will come later after the insulation is done. The top drawer had fallen halfway off and of course the drawer fell out and spilled its contents all over. I had planned on turning it around anyway so I did that and put everything back and tightened the little latch I put on so it doesn't move around allowing the drawer to open.  I tried to put the area rug down but I couldn't pick up the bed and push the rug under by myself. Hope to have some help this weekend with that.

I want to maybe take a trip in the middle of the month so I want to get these things done. It would have to be after the 17th as I have a dentist apt. I dropped my lower partial  yesterday and it broke in half. Can't even get into these places quick anymore. Tried to fix it with super glue but it just wouldn't bond. :(

This has not been my month at all.

Good Night Everyone


  1. 'night Jo ... sorry for your lousy month ... a new one's starting...

  2. I would like to figure a way to hang something on my Highlander's windows "just in case", although I doubt I will ever sleep in it unless I'm caught in a very heavy rain. To sleep in my vehicle would require transferring lots of stuff to the front seats to clear space for me in the back, and that would be no fun at all in a heavy rain. It is a lose-lose situation!

  3. Hope things turn better real soon! Trouble does seem to come in bunches!

  4. Think of it this way, things have got to get better. At least your getting the details worked out on the camper.

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    I know after tomorrow things are going to be much better, cause I said so. :)

    Hello Gypsy,

    A new reader to RVB's gave me the idea of the Velcro circles. If the curtains won't stay up with those I will use the strips instead. Sure wish you could figure out a way to make your car work for camping. I know how much you love to camp.

    Hello Jim,

    And trouble loves to find ME! I'll be back on track soon. I'm pretty stubborn.

    Good Morning John,

    Yes now that I can start working on the camper again I will be a very Happy Camper. :)