Thursday, October 10, 2013

What A Long Day

I got up super early this morning so I could pick up my daughter to get a rental car. I was afraid if I didn't get up I would really fall back to sleep and not wake up early. You know how that works right.  I got her there plenty early and then came home.

The wind was still blowing hard and it was very cloudy. But it felt very refreshing.

But it sure made the day long getting up that early. Not much was going on outside because of the wind. So I made a nice little pork roast in the crock pot and wanted also to make that great hot dog and chili wrapped in little tortilla's. When I went shopping I couldn't find the flour ones and asked for them. The guy showed me where they were. Soooo how the hell did I manage to buy corn ones?  It ruined the dish completely. The corn absorbed all the liquid and it was awful.  I managed to save the dogs but the rest went in the trash.  The roast was great. I put apple, carrots, onion, garlic, potato and herbs. Cooked perfectly. At least that was a winner.

Took a few walks but the foot still is not right nor the ankle.

Tomorrow I will back the truck into the driveway and start to insulate the shell. 
Tomorrow evening my kids are coming over. I can't wait to see my grandson. It has been a long time.

Good Night All


  1. Grandson hugs will make your ol foot and ankle all better... ;) lots of hugs ... Smiley, right?

    well, at least you're somewhat better and that is good news.

    sounds like the corn tortillas would have made it like a taco soup thing... but then what do I know ... roast sounds wonderful

    'night ;)

  2. Sounds like you are trying to cook like me. Enjoy the family time.

  3. So the guy showed you where the flour tortillas were but you bought corn after all? That sounds like something I do all the time! And you know the saying "Measure twice, cut once" - well if I measure 10 times I get 10 different answers.

    I'm worried about your foot & ankle. You still don't know exactly what's wrong with it, do you? Has it been x-rayed? Take care.

  4. hey hey the pork sounds great, I bet smiley cant wait to see granny. im back in town I guess its real cool up there now. see ya soon

  5. Hope the time with your grandson is great, enjoy!

  6. Hi Carolyn,

    Smiley is my great grandson. I get to see a grandson I am so excited.

    Good morning John,

    I will enjoy the family time for sure.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I do things like that all the time. Look at one thing and grab another. I really dislike corn tortillas with a passion, can't stand the way they smell or anything else about them. What a waste that was. Oh well maybe next time I will check to make sure of what I am holding. Right!

    Hi Lucy,

    So you couldn't hold out? Your back earlier than last year. It sure looks plenty cold up in them thar mountains.

    Hi Kevin and Tracy,

    Thank you can wait for those great strong hugs.