Friday, October 25, 2013


Yesterday not much went on beside changing sheets, couple loads of laundry and a good vacuuming. It was pretty warm most of the day so the A/C was on until around 4.

Today I picked up my grandson so he could run some errands and get things done. We ran from one end of town back to this side around again. He is trying to find a job. One of the places he went to asked for his SS Card. since he moved he can't find it. I looked on line about getting a replacement card and it said you should not need to replace your card and no one should ask to see it. As long as you now your number and have a picture ID that should be good I guess. So Monday we will make a few more runs to get him started. Find some bus schedules so he can get around town. He has a phone now so he needs to get online so he can put in his new number not his mom's.

I got home around 3 and was pooped and I really didn't do much but drive. So next up was to sit on the porch and enjoy the rest of the day with my book.

After Sunday we should cool down all the way into the mid 70s. Sure looking forward to that.

Good Night All


  1. I never did understand why anyone would want to view a person's SS card. It plainly states on it that it's not to be used for identification. How is your foot?

  2. yes... how's your foot?

    'night ;)

  3. Hello Gypsy,

    I printed that page out so he can take it with him.

    Foot is all healed and doing well Thank you
    And than you also Carolyn.

  4. Running around can tire you out for sure. Enjoy the weekend and rest up!

  5. Hello Kevin and Tracy,

    I'll try but don't think it will work been down and around the house to long :)