Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What A Day

The temps have gone up again. What's the deal? It was 91 today and they are calling for the same tomorrow.

Anthony and I hit the Burlington Outlet today. He got pants and shirts, a pair of shorts and a belt. I found nothing all the slacks were floor dusters.
The tried the Vanity Fair the only grey slacks they had were way to big and floor dusters.

Off to lunch we went so I could get off my foot for awhile. Then we went to Penny's. Found some slacks but will have to hem them and I hope they shrink when I wash them and dry them. But at least I had a 20% and a 15% coupon plus a $25 credit so I didn't have to put any money out for them.

Anthony ran into Ace to get keys made and then I took him home. But it was really nice getting to spend one on one with him. We always enjoy our time together. Sunday he will come and we will work on the camper.

Good Night All


  1. If Penney was going to take 20% off they could have taken it off the bottom and they wouldn't have to be hemmed.

  2. Good morning John,

    Oh John your so witty. Their bringing back the line for length size pants for women. They said they fired the buyer who was ruining the stores rep for better clothes for all shoppers not just the younger. Do you think she meant I was old?

  3. I love your description, floor dusters. At only 5' tall everything but some child's size 14 drags the floor on me. I am so sick of hemming.