Monday, October 21, 2013

Wonder How Much $$$$

Had my sonogram today, It's a boy no it's a girl! Oh sorry it was to see if there was any clots. Everything was good. Foot is almost normal in color and size. Of course I was told not much about is normal. I wonder how much the insurance will pay on this. 

Tomorrow I see my Dr. and take it from there.

The tech at the sonogram place told me about a new camp ground in Arivaca  about 40 miles from here. She said they went there over the long weekend and really enjoyed it. The kids went fishing and there are lots of things to do.  So I guess I will take a drive down there next week to check it out. They have tent sites and full hook ups or partial. All I need is electric. The name of the place is
La Siesta.

Good Night All


  1. I guess that means you don't have a break or fracture. You still have to find out what is causing the pain, red marks, etc. Hope it doesn't take long as you must really be tired of all this.

  2. Another place to check out. La Siesta sounds like my kind of place.

  3. glad your making progress !

    'night ;)

  4. Glad you are doing better... and can't wait to see some more camping photos!

  5. Hello Gypsy,

    I'm getting much better and we may never know how it happened. still thinking something bit me. Just happy to be getting better I can tell you.

    Good morning John,

    Yes I like the sound of that too. They stock their own fish that are raised on the grounds.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you and me too!

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you. I hope you are coming along as well.

    Really want to get out and camp.

  6. Glad all is well. Back in Tucson now Candy got a infection, but all is well now. Looking forward to pics of Arivaca. You ever get he map to work?

  7. hi Nomad,

    Sorry to hear Candy had a problem poor girl. I wonder if we had the same infection? maybe not.

    You are pretty close to Arivaca aren't you? Nope I'll try again later.

  8. A normal sonogram is a good thing! whoooo hooo!

  9. Hi Nan, Yes it was a very good thing and the Dr. released me today it had to be a bite that got infected.
    Thank You