Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Howling Wind

The wind blew like crazy all night. It blew so hard the security light kept coming on. Lots of things rattling around.

I picked up Tracy to take her to sign up for some medical aid and hoped to get her emergency medical help. They had nothing at all for today but we got one for 8 am tomorrow. She is going to spend the night and make it easier on us both.

The wind continued to blow most of the day. When we were out walking I realized one of my Turkey pumpkin's was missing. As we walked around the corner I spotted my friends decorations in some ones front yard. I picked it up and we walked to her house and I left it tucked into the hand rail. I took another walk around and looked up to the wash and saw the orange and walked into the wash and there it was. I brought it home and into the house. Another one was almost out of the wagon so I tied it to the seat.

Getting some laundry done so maybe on day this week I can actually not have something to do. Like that will ever happen.

Had a request to post a picture of Fred. It isn't new but not that old either.
Dressed up for the 4th with his neat little collar and bow tie made for him by Lucy
Good Night All


  1. Fred is a gorgeous dog. What breed is he?

    I don't like heavy winds at all - a breeze is nice on a hot day, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere there are regular strong winds.

  2. Wow, you did have some wind! I hope it blows cooler temperatures in for you to enjoy.

    Fred has the sweetest face! :)

  3. You and Fred should dress in matching outfits, a bow and a collar would probably look good on you.

  4. don't care for howling wind much ... but I tell you Fred is a mighty handsome fella... HAHAaaaa... love his bowtie and collar...


  5. yeh Jo post a picture of your collar and bow hee hee Fred dose look mghty handsome. hope Tracy gets the med she needs, bet she is super stressed withal the activity at her house, hope you both have a good one today

  6. Hi Gypsy,

    Fred is a Dapple Doxie He has lots of grey and white spots. We rescued each other in Show Low 4 yrs. ago

    Hello Sharon,

    Today it should only be breezy but down to low 80's I'll take that.

    Fred is a sweet little guy and loves just about everyone.

    Good morning John.


    Hi Carolyn,

    Yes he sports his collar and bow tie well. LOL

    Hey Lucy,

    NO to you too! LOL

    I hope so too she is so in need of this today. She found out her job is safe. That should help and the witch is gone again so hopefully there will be more peace at home.

  7. Fred, you're a handsome dude! Jo sure does know how to dress you up! Tell Ms. Jo - thank you for the picture. Somehow I knew you were a Doxie…did I see a picture in the past? Stay out of the wind---probably good that you are close to the ground. :)