Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We Got Groomed

I was just heading out the door to have my hair cut when  Fred's groomer called and asked if I could bring him earlier. So off we went.  I dropped him off and went to get gas in the truck. It only takes her 20 min. to bath and clip his nails. I pulled off to the side of the road to give her a few minutes and made out the check to pay her. Jodie is really such a sweetie to the dogs. But Fred still doesn't like going. Hates water.

I dropped him off and I went to get my hair cut. The girl I wanted was on a conference call and I had a bit of a wait. But it was a fun time with every one talking about things they did as kids. 

While waiting Lucy texted me and ask if I wanted to go to lunch. As I was up next I said sure. Met her at the place we planned and then we went to the Dollar Tree and picked up to much stuff but hey for a dollar you can't go wrong.

I remembered the Kodak camera so here is a picture of my little heater, defroster and a picture that was already on the camera from who knows when.
I like the way the clouds and sun worked over the mountain.
 Now to get the 12 volt  battery
I have time to pick that up and I want to check and see if the refurbished battery shop is still open. I'll compare the price with a Walmart new one.

Good Night All


  1. You sure packed a lot into the day. Did Fred get a bow at the groomers?

  2. nice heater... I don't understand all I know about it ... but it looks lovely ;)

    and well, you know how I get into trouble at the Dollar Store.... fun iinnit...

    night ;)

  3. hope you membered to pick up fred haha, did he get a man bow? we need a picture . the heater looks great

  4. Good morning John,

    At least it was a good packed day. No I remembered to tell her no bow.

    Hi Carollyn,

    It should work just fine I should try it out by using the lighter in the truck to see how warm it gets.

    Dollar Tree is a lot of fun. Lucy and I used to do a lot of shopping in the one in Show Low, She didn't know this one also had the frozen food section.

    Hey Lucy,

    Fred got picked up before I went to get my hair cut. And no no bow for Fred..

  5. Hi, Jo, this is Jack. Not that I don't like your picture of your heater, but how about a picture of Fred all duded up? I've never been to a groomer. Susie always wants to take me, but Nancy says no. You sure do have a lot of fun with your friends. I think it must be because you are fun to be with.

  6. Hi Jack,
    Nice to hear from you. This Fred. I go to the groomer cause Jo is afraid to cut my nails. Which is fine with me cause she sure can't see very well. But they could leave out the bath part, that would be fine by me. I'll see if we can get a picture of me tonight.

    Yes Jack I do have fun with my friends. Maybe because we just understand each other.