Monday, November 4, 2013


I didn't get anything done on the camper today.

Had to wait for my daughter to come and Lucy stopped by and brought the cutest tiniest little bird house shaped like mittens that she made.

After Debbie left Lucy and I went shopping. Picked up my propane  at Walmart and then headed to Big Lot's. I picked up a heavy extension cord that had 3 outlets which will work out pretty good. Of course bought lots of other things there too.

But they are calling for rain tonight and maybe tomorrow morning. So this trip has been canceled. I will wait until I have my screen room so I will have a place to hang out. Also found a huge painters tarp at Big Lots which should work great for wrapping the screen for more protection. I didn't buy it yet. I'll wait for the screen room to come so I know if one will be enough or if I need 2.

So tomorrow I will work on the camper for sure and it will be ready to roll.

Good Night All


  1. Campers are supposed to be tough. Maybe not so much as we get older.

  2. I think it would be dreary trying to set up camp in the rain or the threat of rain. I don't blame you for waiting.

  3. Good morning John.
    Hey I'm not old! well maybe just a little.

    Hi Gypsy,

    If I had the screen room it would be OK but don't want o have to sit in the camper all day or for hours it just isn't big enough for that

  4. Sometimes its just nice to let the day lead you where it will. Nice rain last night for sure!

  5. Hi Kevin an Tracy,
    We didn't get not even a drop. But love how cool is it.

  6. We've had good weather here--my kind of weather--50s. It's a little windy, but it sure beats the hot, humid summer. Hi and pats to Fred.

  7. Hello Nancy and Jack,

    I like that kind of weather too. Really nice here. Fred said to say hi to you and Jack