Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cleaned Up

The high today was 70 so it made for a  great  day cleaning up the camper. Got out my trusty little hand held Black and Decker and vacuumed up all the little piece of insulation. Then loaded in the clothes and other little things. Made up the bed which was quite a chore. Almost as bad as the bed in the Class C. But I finally got it done. Then started loading up other things that can be stored under the bed. Still need to get the curtains hung back up.I don't like the curtains to hang when I drive but need to get the Velcro in the right place. Hung up my decorations.

Then it was time to shower and head over to Barb's for a piece of her birthday cake and coffee.

My friend Terry called me from Gilbert Ray Campground to let me know that using the electric is not going to happen. It is thirty amp and there isn't any 20 amp service.

So no sense going there and paying a bigger price. Just go to Madera and pay $4, and use the candle method again. That will really let me know how the insulation really works or not.

There is just so much going on right now with the wedding and Thanksgiving I guess I will just wait until next month. But I shall see. I still want to wait for the screen room to come. Should be in this week.

 How's this John better?

 The white tabs are for the curtains. I still need to do the other windows

Good Night All


  1. I think it looks beautiful! And it is probably a good idea to check out the insulation and how comfortable you can be. Are you taking along an extra blanket, or maybe thermal underwear, just in case? For the first trip I think I would go prepared. Also, keep looking because I've been in campgrounds that have a 15 am service as well as 30 and 50.

    I don't have a clue about electrical things, but I wonder if there is a converter you can get that converts down - i.e., plug one end into a 30 amp, and the other into a 20 amp.

  2. I am enjoying your progress on this.

  3. I fell good about the layout. Looks like it's all coming together and you won't be up a creek without a paddle.

  4. You are getting there... don't give up on the todays...to many things can interfere in the distant tomorrows. You must be proud of yourself... there is nothing like a feeling of accomplishment on a job well done !

  5. Hello Gypsy,

    Always carry and extra quilt and flannel sheets too.
    No you cannot down grade the electric it will burn everything up. And yes I know there are campgrounds that have lower amps. Can't wait to get out there.

    Hi Michelle,

    Welcome to my blog. While did go out in it before all the insulation and froze I still enjoyed my little camper.

    Good morning John,

    I knew you would feel better about the paddles being closer to the canoe. :)

    Hi klb,

    I know I need to focus on the me soon but the wedding is fast approaching 11/23 and then Thanksgiving. Then I am free until Christmas.

    I am very proud of this little camper and owe lots to my grandson for all his help. And thank you.

  6. I have heard that converters can be found at RV supply stores to adapt 30 amp to 15...so maybe they have one for 20 amp as well.

  7. Jo, go to Walmart or a place that sells camping supplies. For a couple of dollars you can buy a little plug that plugs into 30 amp with a 20 amp plug on the other side.

    We use one when we plug our Casita in at home.

    Problem solved!

  8. Hi Sondra,
    Yes I believe my friend has been misinformed as I have received e-mails as wells on this. will go check it out.
    Thank you.

    Hello Sharon,

    Yep I keep hearing this over and over. I may get that camping trip in yet before the wedding.