Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Screen Room Is Here

The temps sure did drop last night. And the day time high was 75 loved it.

Did some chores today around the house, washed floors and cleaned Fred's bedding and his room. After he came back in from the porch I heard him playing with his toy cat. I went back there to water the plants and he had all the toys back out of there box and all over his room again. Just like a 3 yr. old.

I heard a truck pull up in front and it was my screen room. Man that was quick.

 I hung the curtains to see how the little Velcro tabs would hold so far so good.

Tomorrow  really need to get truck washed it is filthy. Then I hope to be able to put up the screen room and see how it looks. It weighs only 24 pounds and the carry case is less than half the size of the other screen room.

Lucy made these tiny little bird houses for me to hang in the camper. Love them.

 Not sure I like this quilt hanging on the door window. I may try something else

Good Night All


  1. I've really got to wonder about how wise it is having a bird house over the bed. Hope the birds behave themselves.

  2. I can't wait to hear about the screen room and see pictures.

  3. All you need now is a place to go and try everything out! C'mon camping trip!

  4. It looks so comfortable and cozy, Jo! Just beautiful! :)

  5. Good morning John,

    I think they will be fine since not even a humming bird would fit.. LOL

    Hi Gypsy,

    I was going to get on it this morning but the wind is blowing again. Drat!

    Hello My Friend Jim,

    I hope to go next week now that this one is over already.

    Hi Sharon,

    I might just spend a night in the driveway if I can't get out soon.

  6. Campers looking Great Jo! Hope you have it tied down today!

  7. So glad you got a screen room…adds such a great dimension to camping. A friend of mine got a Coleman and she said it goes up with one more. She loves it. If I ever get back to camping, I'll get one, too. Hugs to Fred.

  8. Hi Kim,
    Thank You

    Hi Nomad,

    Thank you. Hope the weather is better next week so I can hit Madera.

    Hi Nancy,

    I like having a screen room since the camper is really not fit for living in. Also it can be wrapped for windy, cold and rainy days. I couldn't get the Coleman up by myself so I sold it. I bought the Ozark that goes up like a tent. I will be able to do it by myself.
    So did your camping trip not work out well?

    1. Not really. Glad to see my friends, but I couldn't participate in any of the activities except campfires at night. I did make a very nice new friend. I had taken my truck in for service before the trip and asked them to fix the backup camera on my truck while it was there. Got it back and the camera wasn't fixed. At the campground, I backed into a low pole…right in the crease of the bumper and right where the brake/light hook up is. Came home, got a new bumper and the camera fixed. Camera is not working, again.

  9. Looking really cozy, Jo ... I like the quilt but then I'm just seeing it from afar! ;)

  10. Hi Carolyn,
    I love the quilt just not for the door. It would add more warmth from the window but just don't know if I like it hanging there.

  11. Oh, came back over some steep grades--the truck did fine without trailer brakes, but I was nervous worrying that I'd get pulled over for no lights. Got home okay. This no walking thing is getting on my nerves. There was no phone, no internet, and no TV so I got a lot of reading done. The bright spot is that Jack loved every minute - why he even wanted me to go out and sit in my lounge chair a 3:45 a.m. LOL