Thursday, November 7, 2013

To Much Wind

The day started out breezy and quickly turned to hard winds.

I picked up Anthony and he got right to work scrubbing the truck down. It sure was dirty. He did a great job and then we had lunch. I took him home so he could watch his son. He hopefully will start a new job next week. But he continues to look for work.

The wind was just to much to try and set up the screen room. So nothing else was done today. Tomorrow will be a busy day as errands need to be run.
So this is the best I can do to show you the screen room. It is 13x9 quite large but can be used for over a table.  Maybe I will get out next week. Nice small package.

Good Night All


  1. So, did watching Anthony wear you out? I;m hoping he finds decent work.

  2. Cleaning a place is very tough task. Screen room in small package is nice which can be carried to places where we go.

  3. That kind of wind is no fun!

    Glad that your truck is all nice and clean. And I hope you like your screen room. We need to get a new one, too.

  4. Good morning John,

    Yes it made me very tired. I sure hope he finds something soon too He is a really hard worker but there isn't much out there.. If nothing comes along I believe he will join the service which isn't a bad thing either.

    Hello Weekend-wondup,

    Welcome to my blog.
    Yes this is a small package but a big screen room is in it.
    Will you start your own blog soon?

    Hi Sharon,

    He did quite the detail job. I hate a dirty truck or car and it was dirty. They have so many screen rooms to choose from now but I didn't want to spend a fortune I have bought so many and none worked for me. So this has to be the one.

  5. Cute picture of your new screen room.

  6. I got a screen room but its a bit different it is the canopy with screens i can attach or remove...I put the opening side right next to the side doors of my van so it makes a great cooking and sitting area for when its time to relax...and it helps keep insects out of the van when the side doors are open. Only drawback with mine its hard to put up alone and its heavy...yours looks much better for one person to manage...good choice!!

  7. Hello Phyllis,
    Thank You. I still have trouble with your blog. Once I get in I have to go all the way out to google or it still asks if I want to leave or stay. If I put leave I get some crappy thing. So I can't comment either. Wonder what happened.

    Hi Sondra,
    I had the one you have and I couldn't put it up by myself so I sold it. I like this one and I hope I can put it up against the back door of the camper that would be great.

  8. it is a nice small package but once you open it and use it can you get it back the same way? hahaha

  9. Hello Princess,
    Maybe I'll take it out when you come Monday and see if you can put it back hahahha