Friday, November 29, 2013

Take It Out Put It Back

Today I pulled all the camping things out of the camper. It needed to be rearranged. I also needed to down size the cooking tub. I had an extra plastic drawer so I fit it all in there and took out lots of things not needed. Next was to pull all the things under the bed out. I was trying to shove extra blankets under there and they just wouldn't go. I pulled them back out and there was the container of paper plates and the plastic wear, not a good place for that. I tried and tried to reach them and after removing a layer of skin on the bolts under the bed I figured it was time to go in the house and get the grabber. Gee that worked really well. I finally was able to get the bag in there and shove it way back. Things fit much better that way and more was able to fit. I proceeded to put everything back. As I was closing the door I realized that it wasn't going to work. I still need room for the battery and what happens when I need to go grocery shopping.  So I pulled out all the stuff next to the bed again.  I bolted the plastic draw onto the other drawers that were already in there. Took out the larger table and put in a small one and then returned all the other things. I hope the ice chest will fit.
 :(? But for now it is working.

Tomorrow I will go get the battery. I hope the shoppers are all shopped out so I can get my tarps if not I will wait for Monday. I was hoping to leave Tues. but now they are calling for rain. Maybe if I get set up fast enough I can be ready for the rain.

I also posted my truck tent on Craig's List today. Hope it sells quick I need space in the shed. Of course since I loaded the camper I have more room.

Good Night All


  1. Good luck getting rid of things you don't need and organizing the camper. It takes a while to figure out a space for everything.

    How much room is under your bed? I like to store underbed things in baskets that I can pull out like drawers. Maybe some shallow plastic containers?

    And the reacher is a FANTASTIC idea! I might copy you on that one!

  2. I think you might wear everything out with all you rearranging, but I know what your going through. Sort of the same procedure I went through last spring getting the car ready to travel.

  3. I never seem to put anything back in its place, especially travelling in my Highlander. I was better at it when I had a 5th wheel though. It takes a while to set up and get familiar with a routine.

  4. It sounds like you got a good workout in the process....I got some of those under the bed storage container with wheels it rolls and stashes under the bunk seat in my van very well. Arranging a small space is a challenge for sure...I lived in a studio apt. for 5 yrs so I learned lots of ways to make use of a small space and found it so rewarding when something worked out the way I wanted!!!

  5. Hi Sharon,

    The real problem is that there are wheel wells in the way. The bed is only 10in. high. I thought of raising it about 2" but that still doesn't fix the problem because of the wheel wells. I have things in small plastic containers and 2 of those cloth ones.. It is a challenge to make it all fit. I did get a lot under there.

    Good morning John,

    Yes you would know trying to get your little space ready. But challenges keep out brains alive.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Yes it will always be a challenge to keep it organized. As the seasons change some things can go in the shed and others brought out. Like a closet. When I had the Chalet it wasn't even this hard, and the motor home was no problem at all.
    I still may buy a pop up if the right priced one comes along.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes in deed I got quite a workout I twisted and turned, stretch to my limit. LOL Just a little sore to today but not to bad.
    If it weren't for those wheel well things would be great. But it is what it is and I'm so happy to be able to go when I want of course if the weather is on my side. Its always something I guess.
    At least when I get there (wherever that may be) I can take out the camp set up much easier now.

  6. Jo just so your message over at my blog won't be back there for a few days.

  7. It's an ongoing battle to stay organized, isn't it? The only way I can do it is to be miserly about what I bring along. That is, one bowl, one plate, one fork etc ..... And still it's a challenge in such a small space.

    I just think about how good my mileage is compared to a larger rig.

  8. Hi Nomad,
    I figured that out had to go to the post office so went down the road to check. Lots of rigs out there.

    Hi Kim,

    It may be better to just carry one of each than all the paper and plastic. That would eliminate another container. Think that's what I will do. Thanks

    I get great mileage on the truck too. Motor home was a killer.