Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wandering Around Walgreens

OK so I was a little bored. I really had to go pick up a prescription like the begging of the week but kept forgetting. Since I took the last pill last night I figured I better go. I hate taking pills of any kind.  I had intended to go thru the drive up window. But hey walking around is more fun.  I picked up a Christmas present for smiley and a snowman bell ornament for the tree. I spotted the Nutcrackers so I had to check them out. I found one that reminded me of the mountains. But I put back and wandered around some more but was drawn back to him again and again. So he found his way into my cart.
I think it needs a pair of cardinals for the house. I'll pick them up at Michael's or repaint some I have on other bird houses

When I came home I figured I needed to so something in the shed. I did a little organizing of a few things but the dust was getting to me so I came in the house. 

I needed to add some dirt to my palm tree but I may have added to much water. It used to drain out but I think the hole is plugged.  Tried to absorb some of the water with a rag. We shall see what happens.

Good Night All


  1. I find that if I walk aimlessly around any store I see all kinds of things to put into my cart. Usually I try to avoid the stores knowing my lack of willpower.

  2. I did the same thing at Walmart last evening, Jo. Now I am looking at that stuff and wondering why I thought it was so important!

    But I do love your Nutcracker. :)

  3. Hello Gypsy,

    I know but Christmas stuff always gets my attention. Most things were only a dollar the Nutcracker of course was more.

    Hi Sharon,

    Even my sister hit the .99 store and went a little crazy with Christmas things. How was Walmart last night?

    Good morning John,
    As long as it isn't for groceries and no one else is in the store. Some of the rudest people live in this town.

  4. It is a cute nutcracker for sure! I have way too much when it comes to Christmas decor...but it seems to jump in cart too!!!