Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Day Of Very Little

I wish I could go back to bed after walking Fred, but once I get up that is it.  So poured a cup of coffee and came in here and started reading comments on FB and blogs.

I thought about going to the Post Office so I got things ready to mail.  Took a shower and then didn't go. Instead I cleaned the bathroom. Then played some games on the computer. I realized I needed to get some laundry done too. I swear someone must be wearing my stuff and bringing it back dirty when I am not looking. So I did some laundry.

Poured another cup of coffee and checked FB wow there was lots of things to read.

Fred and I took a walk down the street and he saw his little friend the long hair doxie, But she wasn't having any part of Fred today and pulled her mom towards home. And we continued on out way.

Set up the dishwasher and scrubbed down the stove.

I guess I did more than I can call very little. No wonder I'm so tired.

Good Night All


  1. You need to put a lock on the closet to keep those people from borrowing your clothes. I know how we both like doing laundry and doing it for others is just unacceptable.

  2. I think someone is taking my clothes and replacing them with one's that are too tight! I am going to catch them soon.

  3. Good morning John,
    Yes a lock is in order. Just because I have a washer and dryer in my house doesn't change the fact that it is annoying.

    Hi JMD,

    And that seems like another big problem here too. I guess I will have to teach Fred to keep a better watch on things around here..

  4. lol.... somehow I find this post comforting ...

  5. Awww. Poor Fred got snubbed by the little lady. Hope it didn't bother him too much! :)

    You did more than I did today. I rode my bike and cooked, and that was about it!

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    Glad you felt comforted by it. LOL

    Hello Sharon,

    He got over it really quick when some smell caught his interest in the dirt.

    All this house cleaning is tiring .