Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Great Day

It was nice to get up and enjoy a nice cup of coffee of course that was after walking Fred.

Then I gave him his presents.
Notice how full his stocking is and how empty mine is.
He grabbed one of the toys and was running off with it. When I made the candy cane squeak he came right back
 Now which one is better
  Its MINE
 I don't think he is to crazy about this scarf he got
 OH BOY! Wonder if I can steal one of these and hide it in my man cave before she catches me

It was time to get ready to head to my Daughter Tracy's for dinner. It was fantastic. We had stuffed shells with meat balls and lots of Italian bread. Antipasto and pumpkin cheese cake.
The tree is all in purple and blue so pretty just couldn't get it to show up
 Aliya Just waking up. I made her take off her socks and put on the new slipper socks I bought for everyone.

 Tracy's slipper socks. They are so warm and cozy.
 Aliya, Anthony and Tracy
Now it's time to rest

Good Night All


  1. Fred sure made out good (spoiled). Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.

  2. Oh it is hard to say who had the best time! Fred is a bundle of cuteness. The scarf looks cute but when I had my dog and she wore it she acted pathetic so I would always take it off. Then she would jump around being thrilled that she was free. lol

  3. I got such a kick out of seeing Fred with his new toys! My dogs don't enjoy theirs nearly as much.

    The cozy socks look so comfy!

  4. Oh Fred, he's such a clown about those toys. Gotta love him! It does look like a nice Christmas day with family! Love slipper socks, they are just comfy aren't they. Merry Christmas!

  5. Good morning John,

    Yes I have to admit Fred is very spoiled. We had a very good Christmas Holiday this year.

    Hello JMD,

    The scarf came from my sister and he was not happy about it. but the toy she gave him was just great.

    Hello Sharon,

    Fred loves toys and they are all over the floor in his man cave. I had a dog once before that didn't know how to play either. I guess some just aren't interested.

    Hi Cyn,

    Fred sure is into playing and loves to tease you with his toys. He will bring it to you and when you reach for it he takes off like he is running for his life. LOL

    Those slipper socks come from Walgreens. They are really cheap and really warm.

  6. Hi Nomad,
    Merry Christmas to you also. Took a drive out there but you aren't there. We're bound to meet up somewhere around here.