Monday, December 30, 2013

Grocery Shopping

I had to break down and go grocery shopping today. I was hoping to hold off until next week. Just needed to much stuff. So I forced myself into action and off I went. On my way I thought OH NO tomorrow is New Years Eve and the store will be packed. I figured if that was the case and the parking lot was full I would leave. Much to my surprise it wasn't bad so I parked and started shopping. I'm sure a bus of about 150 people was dropped off a few minutes later. All of a sudden it was screaming kids and I do mean screaming. I thought something had happened to the little thing. But no she wanted something and I guess the mother said no. I really started shopping fast. Then came another screamer for the same reason but I guess this mother gave in cause the little beast stopped screaming.
If we even made a face about not getting something it was all over for us. And I raised my kids like that too. If they even thought of starting to act up they knew we would make a  trip out to the car for  a lesson in behaving or the look I gave them would be enough. I don't remember my grand kids ever acting like that either.
Parents today are sad.
Anyway I got everything on my list and got out of there.

I decided to make sausage, peppers and onions for my sister and I for tomorrow night. And an baked apple dessert in my neat little Stone Wave. This little pot is really a great invention and they sell them at Walgreen's for sure. It is great for cooking for one or two.

I also spent over an hour today trying to find out information about my health coverage. What a horrible experience that was. It took for 4 people to figure it out. Then a call to sales was in order. After being on hold for 25min. I hung up. But at least I know I am eligible for the silver sneakers program. So I guess I'll get started on that next week.

You all be careful if you are going out tomorrow night. Please don't drink and drive.

Good Night All


  1. Some people are just too lazy to parent. They try too hard to be their kids friend instead of being their parent.

  2. even if you try someone will turn you in and you end up in jail for abuse, what a backward world. happy new year Jo hope its a great one filled with adventure for you.

  3. Good morning John,

    Right you are and some people should never have any children at all. I knew some one that thought being a friend to his kids was more important than being a dad now he's dead.

    Hey Lucy,

    Your right. No one should beat there kids but a swat and a stern look should teach them better manners.

    Hope your having a great time. And Happy New Year to you too!

  4. Jo, the really scary things about those demanding, screaming kids is that they grow up without any concept of how to control themselves and consider others. So they turn into thoughtless, selfish adult monsters!

    I am going to go check out the Stone Wave. It sounds like something I could use!


  5. Hi Sharon,

    Yes so true then their parents can't figure out where it all went wrong.

    The Stone Wave is great tonight I made baked apples for dessert.