Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Looking back over this past year and I don't think it was very bad at all.

The wedding was great. My daughter is very happy. The holiday's went well.
I was playing with the camera this morning and didn't realize I caught the sun shining right through the flower
 One of my African Violets

I made dinner tonight for my sister and I and then we drove around to look at the lights. Plenty have been taken down already. I took down some of the stuff in the house today just to much clutter. I'll start cleaning up the front yard and the porch. Get most of the stuff done so maybe Sunday one of my grandsons will come and put it up in the shed. Maybe by then the tree will be down too. The village will take some time and maybe it will just stay up all the time.

My new 2014 Maxine Calendar is up. Don't know if I will still be up by 12. But if I am I have my wine chilled. LOL

Happy New Year Everyone and thank you for coming to read my madness. Be careful out there on the roads if your traveling around.

Good Night All


  1. Happy New Year, John, Erik, Ronda and Teri. May this New Year bring every one the best of health and Happy travels

  2. Happy New Year, and don't forget you also got your little runaway set up. :)

  3. Hello Nomad,
    Happy New Year!

    Hi Judy,

    Happy New Year to You and Emma! Yes it is ready and raring to go.

  4. Wishing you your happiest year ever, Jo! The flowers are beautiful!