Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This Isn't the Way

The day started off pretty good and I started to take down decorations on the porch. My throat was not feeling quite right so I figured it was from the dust out there. I managed to finish the task and bag up the tree and box up the decorations. I came in and drank lots of water and started putting things away in the kitchen and kept drinking more water. I sat down to take a break and realized it started to feel like I swallowed ground glass. I took off for Safeway to get stuff to make Jewish Penicillin. Once I got that started I made some Chi spiced tea and put honey and lemon in it. I still wanted to get more done so did it in spurts. I gave up.
The soup tasted really good and made my throat feel better for about 5 min. I'll just keep drinking tea with honey and hope I wake up better in the morning.

Good Night All


  1. kick that sore throat, that;s no way to start the new year.

  2. well, you're doing all the good stuff for your ol body.... I have so far escaped the whatevers ... HIPO had it, Yates had it, stepson and his wife had it, Stephanie almost had it ... I don't want it. AND back when I have had the whatevers... I would take a teaspoon of honey ~ place it on my tongue and let it dissolve slowly down my old throat.

    now... since I'm off sugar ... I don't know what I'd do ... can't get sick ... that simple.

    Happy New Year...

    1. Honey is not sugar, it's medicine. ;-)

  3. Sounds like you and everyone I've been reading today is coming down with something. Not the way you start a New Year. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Jo, hope you get to feeling better very quickly.

  5. Good Morning John,

    Doing everything I have too to get rid of this.

    Hi Carolyn,

    They now have sugar free honey. I'll try your method of leaving on my tongue. I have also added vitamin C to the mix if stuff.

    Hello Rick and Kathy,

    Happy New Year!

    I tell you all it takes is a trip to a store and wham!

    Hello Nancy,
    Happy New Year,

    Thank you all for the well wishes!

  6. Please take care of yourself, sweetie! Can't have you down with the crud!

  7. Hi Jim My Friend,

    Doing my best, I'm tough. Just going to take it easy. Heard others have this too. Not nice.
    Thank You

  8. So very sorry you are sick, Jo. Take care of yourself and hope this passes soon.

  9. Hello Sharon,
    Thank You and me too. Want to head out next week for at least a few days.

  10. Just after the holiday season when family and friends have all been together, hugging, etc. celebrating, we always see in increase of patients in the Drs. Office coming in with the "Flu". It's usually a virus that needs lots of rest, water and time to go away. Feel better soon. I enjoy your blog. Happy New Year.

  11. Hope it doesnt get worse and its just a scratchy throat!!