Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just A Short One

Feeling a bit better but the throat is still sore. But I did manage to get all the decorations down. Well almost. Didn't feel like getting on the ladder to get down the ball lights from the front awning. Need to bring the box in for the tree so I can put that away. Should be getting everything stored back in the shed Sunday.

I hope to be able to take off mid week at least for a few days. Just has to happen.

In the mean time I have a little New Year picture of Fred in his New Year black and silver collar.

And of course Maxine's new calendar.
Good Night All



  1. Fred's looking sharp. Keep working on that recovery and get better soon.

  2. Fred's quite the fashion plate! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Fred is sooooo handsome and I love Maxine!

    g'night ;) ... sleep tight and let that bug you got get bored and leave ...

  4. WOW Fred is specktactuar, glad you are better

  5. WOW Fred is specktactuar, glad you are better

  6. Jo,

    Hope your throat is feeling better. Quite the dashing collar Fred received. He will be the envy of all the dogs in the neighborhood.

  7. Good morning John,

    He thinks he is all that and more in new collars. Today I call the Dr. this isn't getting better, I thought it was then came the headache.

    Hi Kim,

    He thinks so too! Thank you for the well wishes.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Sleeping isn't going to well when I can't swallow and then cough and feel like the ground glass is trying to come back out. j/k I didn't swallow glass just feels like that.

    Hi Lucy,

    He sure thinks so. Today feeling worse again. No running around today. Hope I'm better Monday so we can go to lunch.

    Hello JMD,

    Thank you! Poor guy hasn't really gotten very far with a sick mom, but he has seen a few friends to show off too.

  8. I hope you get better soon! Fred looks pretty good and seems ready to go!

  9. Hello Jim my Friend,

    Me too I hate being sick. My truck has been packed and ready to go for 2 months now.

    Thank you

  10. That is the best photo of Fred that I've ever seen. He is so handsome... and his new collar really suits him!

    I read that Maxine is actually written by a man, based on his observations of his older female relatives. He sure does have a lot of empathy for them. So funny!

    I use Chloraseptic throat spray when my throat hurts and is scratchy. It really helps! Hope you are back to feeling good soon!

  11. Hi Sharon,

    Yes Fred his collars well lol He is such a good little guy.

    Yes Maxine was created after his one of his Aunts and I believe his mom too. It said they are quite funny people and he had there blessings to go ahead.

    Going to see the Dr. today. I thought I had some Chloraseptic but didn't and just didn't want to go out anywhere.