Sunday, December 8, 2013

Half Way Done

Ran to the Walmart Grocery and Walgreen's for some last minute thing.

Picked up 2 huge pkgs. of batteries one is almost gone. Everything needs batteries. Some 2 some 3. Still lots to be done. Wires need to be hidden, one has to come up through the hole in the table to set up the ice rink. So I have to wait for Anthony to get those things done. Hope we can do that on Tue.
Oh I see I knocked down lots of stuff hooking up the lights
 Yep we forgot to put the background in the corner. I wonder how he is going to reach that?

 Do you see the car in the right bottom?
 The light from the train
 The see-saw goes up and down and the dogs head moves to follow


 Do you remember doing this if you lived in the land of snow?
 The top of the light house flashes
Now I am going to through myself in my chair and watch some mindless TV

Good Night All


  1. Oh, your village is great. I love to look at these, but never had the patience to set one up and then take it down.

  2. That is really an elaborate display. I think I would rather watch it than TV!

  3. lots of work but beautiful, where is it set up at the man cave? I think id watch it instead of tv also. beautiful

  4. I'll give you an A+ for village design.

  5. Beautifully designed with the toys...

  6. Hi Teri,
    Glad you like it. thank you.
    I can't wait for it to be finished. It is very tiring especially when you have to stretch so far across to reach things.

    Hello Gypsy,

    If it were finished I could sit in there and play but right now there are totes all over the place. Just need to escape to a clean area. Thank You

    Hey Lucy,

    Yep its in Fred's man cave room. He had a great time getting into the cotton stuff. Little monster. It will be up for a while so maybe when you get back you can come see it.

    Good morning John,

    Glad to have your A+ on this part..

    Hello Kevin and Tracy,

    Thank You.

    Hi Weekend,

    Glad you like it Thank You

  7. Very pretty, Jo! must be really relaxing with the lights off and watching your Village.... thinking about all the little Village people going here and yon... and you made it... ha

  8. Hi Carolyn,

    There's so much to see on there. Maybe Anthony can make a video and he can tell me how to down load it on here.

  9. sweet...and a lot of work has gone into setting that up...its really lovely!

  10. I really love your "indoor" city. I bet that was fun making, and time consuming.