Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sure Tired Tonight

We had temps in the high 20's last night. But I slept like a baby.

Picked up Anthony this morning so he could bring in all the village pieces and the plywood base. We got lots done while he was here. His mom, my daughter, is working some crazy hours now until well into the end of Jan. so while she had some free time today and a car she picked up Anthony so they could get their tree.

But at least he got the stuff in the house for me and I will pick him up again next week Tue. or something. We need to bring in another table to set up the other village on the other side of the room. This takes lots of time, energy and patience to set this up. But we all love it and it has been 3 yrs. since it last went up. There is also 3 different train sets to go with it all.
All the pieces are unpacked

 At least the farm is done but the background still need to go up. I have an idea for it maybe I will work on it tomorrow
Hope everyone is having a great weekend and staying warm.

Good Night All


  1. What fun, Jo ... saw this on Facebook too ... good stuff ... I'm trying and trying and trying to get Christmassy ...

    need to get a jingle bell at least out of the hall closet .. maybe jingling it will get me going.. ha

    night ;) ... still coldern a well digger's butt here... but no loss of power! yay! if we make it through tonight... it'll be over.

  2. What a great Christmas display, Jo!

  3. Oh what a Christmas display you have. I'd take so long getting it set up that it would then be time to take it all down! You must have tons of patience.

  4. Never helps to have some younger and more enthusiatic eyes to help out!

    Looking good!

  5. Hello Carolyn,

    The cold you have had doesn't make for much joy right now.
    So hope today its going to warm up enough for you to get out and see some things decorated and lit up that should help too.

    Hi Sharon,

    It will be when we get it finished.

    Hello Gypsy,

    It does take a long time. When there's 2 of us it isn't so bad.
    We leave it up a long time just to enjoy the benefit of our hard work. Now with a 2 yr old we can't wait to see his reaction. Just hope it won't turn into a mess.

    Hi Jim my Friend,

    Yes with out his help it wouldn't be going up again this year.
    This will be a very special Christmas with him home again.

  6. Sure is beautiful does Fred like it

  7. Hi Kathy,
    Its so far from being done. Fred got into the snow and made a mess little s__t.