Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Chilly Day

It sure was cold this morning. Bundled up Fred and myself for out first outs. My furnace is acting up again. It warms up the house but it just runs and shuts down then runs again and shuts down.  Went out and bought a electric oil heater for the living room. I have a few small ones just to take the chill out for a shower. I like sleeping in a cold room but if it gets to cold I'll use one of the small ones in my room.

Not much else so stay warm everyone.

Good Night All


  1. I carry my little Lasko heater into the bathroom when I take a shower. The bedroom has to be cold though. Last night I had to throw off the down comforter a couple of times because the heat must have come on and it "warmed up" to 55. That where I keep it set, although the last few days I turn it up for a short time now and then.

  2. You need a hoodie like Fred to wear around the house.

  3. coldern a well digger's butt roun heah.... 23º outside ... don't know what it is inside. I have ENVI electric wall heaters and they will only heat to 72º ... it's way under that.

    sitting here in my sweat and heavy socks and trying to get sleepy ... couldn't sleep until 3am this morning... bah... it's on its way to being 17 or 19 or something horrible bad awful

    'night ;)

  4. Hello Gypsy,

    I had mine set at 50 and it came on a few times. But on low settings it doesn't run right. I now pushed up to 70 because its only 26 outside and it was pretty cold in here. But I'm up so its fine.

    Good morning John,

    I looked for one yesterday but they didn't have any.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Sometimes no matter what we do we just can't warm up. You need a Mr. Buddy in case you lose power. Of course you know to keep a window cracked open. I have one of those neck pillow things and as soon as I put that thing around my neck and cover up with a small throw I'm a sleep in my chair.
    I hope you see warmer temps real soon.

  5. So far, we are nice and toasty in our motorhome. Sure hope you can be comfortable.

  6. Hi Nan,

    Since some of you went circles I can not read your blogs. :(
    But I'm happy to have you visit mine.
    Are you here in AZ.? I'm comfy in my house but I sure wouldn't be if I had left this week for a camping trip. Sure glad I was to busy to leave.

  7. I can't believe the temperatures I'm seeing reported. Wow!

    Stay warm! :)

  8. Hi Sharon,

    Yes this is odd for us this time of year. We do get cold spells but not this early. I hope this isn't what we will see more of this winter.