Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Think It's Winter

It is really cold now. I tried keeping the heat off but it's just to cold.

I tried to stay busy to not notice. I dragged the tree in and put it together. And put out a few more things outside. I decorated the tree and saved some decorations for the tree that will go on the porch.

On our last walk I put Fred in his hoodie it barely fits. Trying to get heavy jackets for a Doxie is hard because of the body shape. Their chests are so large. But he proudly walked down the street to show off his jacket to Sparky but he wasn't around. So I took him to my sisters house. I almost had a good shot of him and of course he moved.


Late afternoon pictures
I understand some of my readers are in really cold spots right now so I really shouldn't complain. Some are even being told they may have power outages that can last several days. Please stay safe.

Time for a nice hot cup of tea

Good Night All


  1. What a cute jacket for the puppy. Do you sew? If so, you could get some fleece and make your own jacket for him.

  2. hope you had your hoodie on, it is cold out! he does look cute and warm

  3. I'm so cold I've turned my heat up briefly a few times today.

  4. Nice to hear that you have completed your decorations. Beautiful jacket for the dog!!

  5. I think I want a hoodie just Like Fred. The cold is moving in here tonight.

  6. Yes, one of those readers would be me.... I'm not sleepy .... hope ol Homer is okay... I need to get him a hoodie.. HAHaaaa... Fred looks mighty handsome...

    It is now... 34º ... heading toward 30 and ice.. lovely

    kinda hard to picture cold weather with a palm tree! pretty

  7. Hello Michelle,

    No I don't sew I did when the kids were little but now I can't seem to sew a straight line anymore.

    Hi Lucy,

    He seemed to like it fine but the hook on his leach wouldn't fit through the hole will have to use the small one. Right now he has his sweater on since I turned the heater off last night. I'll tell him auntie Lucy likes his jacket.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Yes this is a cold one. But we have had worse,

    Hi Weekend,

    Not finished yet but at least I'm on my way.

    Good morning John,

    I'll see if I can find one for you. Stay warm in the meantime.

    Hi Carolyn,

    We had those temps last night. But under the covers I'm OK the heater keeps waking me up so I shut the sucker off. Going to bring in the electric heaters from the shed they have thermostats and are quiet.

  8. Getting colder here in your home state. Gotta have to take up the hoses at Camp Driveway and use the onboard water and pump.

    That is some bright hoodie and little fella is wearing.

  9. Gosh, i'm in central TX, and have ice cycles hanging off my house.,,, 30*.

  10. Awww. Fred is so cute in his new hoodie. :)

    We have 73 with thunderstorms today, but tomorrow's high is supposed to be 50. Could be a lot worse!

  11. Hi Phyllis,
    Good to see your here. I checked your blog I can read it but can't leave comments still. Nice Thanksgiving you had. 30 people that's lots of folks to feed.

    It's pretty cold here too. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Those granddaughters are really growing fast. Still as cute as ever.

    Hi Trouble,
    Yep its one of those nation wide cold fronts.

    Hello Sharon,

    I might have to so some ribbon to the sides of the hood to keep it on when it rains.

    We had 74 degrees on Tues and Wed. it was 50 then down it went from there. But yes it could be worse look at poor Carolyn and others getting slammed with snow and ice.