Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

It was warmer at 6:30am than the rest of the day.  The wind was strong and the clouds came and went.

As I watched the sunrise this morning I could see the storm moving in

Then it seemed to all blow away and the sky was a pretty blue with just a few clouds.
But the wind increased and the clouds came back but we haven't had the rain yet.

I took the boxes outside to finish the changing of the ribbon  since I made such a mess in the house yesterday. It was so cold I had to really force myself to finish the 2 boxes but I did it and I left them out on the porch for now

As Fred and I took out last walk it sure was cold and of course I forgot to reload the bags so home we came as fast as we could to get the bags loaded and head back out. It sure was windy and the air had a bite to it.

Sounds like the wind has died down now but who knows what tonight will bring. Haven't had to turn up the heater yet. But I'm sure it will come on when it hits the low setting I have it on.

Good Night All


  1. you sure got some nice pics,love the colors, get a pic of fredie in his new hoodie, I bet its great

  2. Cold due here Saturday unless you hold it there for us.

  3. Great pictures, Jo .... we have arctic freeze warnings beginning tomorrow evening... I'm talking single digits... asking us to prepare for electrical outages... hate it! hate it! hate it!

    love your Christmas boxes!
    got my candles and batteries... but only have the gas bathroom heater... but tons of sweats...

  4. You caught some beautiful sunrise/storm pictures. I finally turned my heat up several degrees, but just temporarily.

  5. Sunrise snaps are really good.
    Getting ready to distribute Christmas gifts...

  6. Beautiful pictures, Jo. Both of the storm clouds and the pretty boxes. I wish our storm clouds could be that gorgeous. :)

    I guess winter has really arrived. We have a few more warm, rainy days before the serious cold moves in again.

  7. Hey Lucy,

    I got up earlier this morning and it had stopped raining and he wanted out so didn't need it this morning it was still warm enough. But when he has it on I'll take a picture.

    going to keep my eye on the sky this morning it maybe cool or nothing but clouds.

    Good morning John,

    It will still be cold here but I won't hold it back. Sorry everyone has to have their turn at this.

    Hi Carolyn,

    WOW that sounds bad to me. Do you have the led lights. They give so much light. But the heat part I don't know what to tell you about that but layer and cover up. Hope it doesn't come to all that. If it gets bad enough cushion the tub and hang out in there. Just don't close the door all the way.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thank you I knew it would be great . I've learned to run out there as quick as I can they don't last very long.

    I don't sleep with the heater on I light the cold but turn it on when I get up so I can take my shower then off it goes.

    Hi Weekend,

    Thank you. As for the gifts if they don't mind empty boxes sure. haha

    Hello Sharon,
    Thank you. I love cloud pictures and I know this time of year with the rains and storms they can be spectacular. I noticed when I got to that last and largest box that ribbon was the thinnest. Oh well if it doesn't survive this winter I'll get something thicker maybe in green.

    Yes we are into a real cold snap right now that will last about a week or so. A few times we hit 17 degrees in the past. This will just be low 30's at night and mid to high 50's for the day.

  8. Cold weather is headed our way! Guess Winter is on the way!

    Stay warm and bundled up!

  9. Hi Jim My Friend,

    Yes it is. You stay warm too.