Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Getting Ready For Cold Front

I figured I better get my shopping done  today so off I went and got that done since tomorrow the cold front moves in with wind and rain.

I like warm stuff for lunch and dinner so I used a recipe I found on Sharon's blog Tinycamper. Sharon called it Hopping John.  I added lots of stuff to it. I posted about this before. I still haven't found Tex Mex so once again I used Ro Tel with green chili and Italian cut tomatoes, turkey sausage flavored with Cajun spices and lots of veggies. It had a little bite to it but is sure is good. I remembered I had defrosted some ground turkey so I made a meatloaf, green bean salad and yams that I didn't use on Thanksgiving. All will be put into serving sized containers. Maybe tomorrow I will a black bean soup.

I put some Parmesan cheese on the side and some rice crackers.  I didn't eat this just wanted a picture.

The yams are made with brown splenda sugar and sugar free maple syrup and diced walnuts. Green bean salad had cut string cheese and pimento I used walnut raspberry dressing and red onion. The meat loaf doesn't look very good since it fell apart but it was very good.

I had been looking in the shed for outside decorations which are 3 sizes of gift boxes. today I moved something and there they were. I bought new ribbon for them since the old stuff was all faded and not very pretty anymore. I brought them in and got one finished and had glitter everywhere. I think I'll do the rest outside.

Maybe I will bring in the tree tomorrow and maybe I won't. I did put a few snowmen out in the front yard to get them out of the way.

Good Night All


  1. good looking chow, Jo! I'm trying to get into the Christmas tree getting and so on ... just not into it...

    night! ;)

  2. Reading your post tonight made me hungry.

  3. I love good home-cooked food but lately have no appetite for anything (except that BLT).

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    I haven't been in the mood for a few years now. So little by little I put things out and see how far I get.

    Good morning John,

    Come on over there's plenty to go around.

    Hello Gypsy,

    When the weather turns cold I like making rib stickin food. Sure hope you get that BLT today.

  5. That Stew/soup looks great! I was thinking of making a Veggie stew...I used to make a beef stew so I was thinking it would work just as well with out the beef...
    I bought a large bow at Goodwill..it was new with tags still on, they had Half Price day so I got it for 75c its perfect for the front door!! Glad you found your boxes,,,I have some stashed away too and like you I'm not exactly sure where so I have to go on a dig!

  6. Hi Sondra,
    I make lots of veggie stews and soups. They work just as good with out the meat.

    I haven't been to Goodwill in a while. Trying to get rid of stuff and boy when I come out of there I have a bag full. LOL

  7. Everything looks yummy, Jo. Glad you liked the Hopping John. I haven't made any for a while.

    And my meat loaf ALWAYS falls apart. :)

  8. Hi Sharon,

    I really do love that Hopping John. This time it came out even better. :) I was afraid it would be dry because I wasn't paying attention and lots of bread crumbs went in. But it was really tasty and moist.