Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Weather Warnings

They are calling for out first deep freeze the end of this week and rain. OH goodie, NOT! We are going from mid 70's during the day to low 50's by Wed. And freezing temps at night.

But I went ahead and picked up the tarps I needed for the screen room so at least I am getting closer to being ready to roll. Lucy said she will lend me a battery to see if the little heater will do a good enough job before I go out and spend the money on one.

Lucy brought over some of her little wood craft things they are so beautiful. I can't say what they are as I bought most of them to give as gifts. She made and Indian shield that believe me is so intricate I would have ripped my hair out doing something like that. Feathers with fine detailing. I should have her send me pictures so I can post them. Lucy does such beautiful work and I wish her well in this new adventure. She will try to get into some craft shows. And they have so many up in the Mountains all summer long. Good Luck Lucy.

Good Night All


  1. We've got another cold front coming this way too. My friends in the Midwest are expecting an ice storm so it could be worse.

  2. Lucy might also consider Etsy. I don't know too much about it but there are all kinds of crafts listed on it.

  3. Good morning John,

    Yes it could be worse for sure. So now that I'm home and it isn't the dreaded laundry day it has changed to the dreaded grocery day and I better get it done today. People in this town think it's car rodeo day when it rains. Hate being on the roads. stay warm.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Thanks for the tip I will pass it along.

  4. How nice to have talent like that. I hope Lucy does well in the craft shows.

    I hope the heater works out for you. I had not thought of trying to make a screen room work in cold weather, but my sister told me she puts clear drop cloths on hers and it makes a nice little greenhouse to sit in. Sounds like yours is the same idea.

  5. Hello Sharon,
    The clear plastic sounds even better at least you can see what's going on around you. I might try that and then with a propane heater is nice and warm.