Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Leave ItTo Me

Took Fred to the groomers this morning. He really hates going. Doesn't like water or getting his nail clipped. He tried to get behind me in truck or hide in my arm pit. The groomer is really such a nice lady but when water and nail clippings are attached it doesn't matter.

I went to the Family Dollar while waiting for him to be finished. Picked him up some toys for his stocking and some treats.

After taking him home I went grocery shopping for most of the Christmas Eve and Christmas day food and some things I needed for home. It sure didn't look like I had that much money spent in the cart.

I picked up the stuff to make the Christmas tree treats. Of course I bought some of the wrong things.

This is what they should look like

So first of all I bought white kisses  instead of chocolate. I just thought the wrapper was for Christmas not that they would be white. Yes of course it said white on the package.

Then instead of white frosting I bought green to save a $1. It actually called for white chocolate glue. WTH is that. Then I discovered that the green had to big of an opening to make the design. But it did hold the pieces together.
So I will put them out on Christmas Eve and if the kids don't eat them all I will take them to my other grand kids on Christmas. Tomorrow I will run to Safeway to find the right Chocolate kiss and the white stuff and in the mean time I put the Reese in the fridge so maybe the wrapper will come off easier and not peel away the chocolate.
If I don't mention this again you know it was another flop.

Good Night All  


  1. Just call what you do creative Christmas tree making and nobody will know the difference.

  2. I've never met the kid who would turn his or her nose up at a Christmas treat, especially one containing chocolate.

  3. I was thinking that you could solve the immediate problem by eating the wrong ones....then no one would know! Oh well, it was an idea, even if it was a bad one.

  4. If at first you don't succeed.........

  5. Hi Erik,

    LOL I love Reese so I need to get them made or give the candy away.

    Good morning John,

    Good idea. I could squirt that green icing all over them so they look like trees.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Your right about that.

    Hello Nan,

    I would love to eat them but I can't afford anymore calories at this time. so sad cause I really love Reese. Maybe I could give them to someone to keep in their fridge until I'm ready

  6. So funny, Jo. Sounds like something I'd do. At least you have grandkids to eat your mistakes! :)