Thursday, December 19, 2013

Temps Are Dropping

I ran some errands this morning and it was so nice out.  With in an hour the wind started to pick up. Poor Fred was out on the porch when the wind blew over the little tree . Poor thing was shaking all over the place. I brought him in. We went for a nice walk and brought some containers back to my sisters. The wind was really getting strong and the light jacket I had on wasn't much help. But we continued to walk down the next the street. On our next walk I had on a sweat jacket and I was feeling the chill on my face.

It is now pretty cold out and tomorrow they are calling for a high of 54 degrees. After a week of high 70's.

 I wonder how many people will be out tomorrow. I need to be to Walmart by 6:45 to return the heater I bought as it isn't enough to heat the living room and kitchen area. And home I am coming until 10 am Tues to pick up Papa Murphy Pizza's and rolls for the sausage, pepper's and onions. And some Italian bread for Christmas dinner.

My last attempt at the trees, they don't look great but kids will eat anything.

Good Night All


  1. That wind is stretched a long way because we had it today too. I think the trees look just fine and will make the kids happy.

  2. Hope you're not sending that weather my way. Those trees do look good enough to eat, but that's the idea I guess.

  3. Fred must have felt happy that you helped him from a strong wind. Walking out in the wind is very difficult.
    Your tree cake looks so beautiful. At the first sight i feel like eating , so kids will not see it they will start to eat.

  4. Hello Ms. Lucy,

    I think I will save these for you. Hope your enjoying your stay in AJ.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I thought the same thing when I read your blog. I don't think I will go into the cake or candy decorating business.

    Good morning John,

    It is pouring like crazy here. So much for making a run to Walmart. I hope you don't get hit with this front.

    I would send the trees to you but don't know what shape they would be in by then.

    Hello Weekend,

    Walking in the wind wasn't to bad but now it is raining hard and he will not go out even in his rain gear. Silly dog.
    glad you like the trees.