Friday, December 20, 2013

Who Ordered This Weather?

I woke up last night to pouring rain. By 6 am it woke me up again because it was raining so hard. I got up and prepared myself for the fight to get Fred out there. I put his hoodie on and had to drag him around the side of the house that has awning. Nope wasn't having it. So back inside we came. Turned the heat up and had a nice hot cup of coffee. It finally stopped raining so I got him out there and he went and as he finished it started to rain again.

So the trip to Walmart was out. I wrapped a few gifts and just hung out.

Barb came by with some home made goodies. As she was leaving the sun came out so I made a dash for Walgreen's to get a DVD made. It wasn't as good as I hoped for. But will do for now. Going to see if I can't burn one myself.

No sooner did I get home I heard this racket. I thought maybe the Quail had gotten on the awning again. Nope it was hail. The temps plummeted fast and it was freezing cold. Then it started pouring and hailing with the sun shining threw some hole in the clouds.

 Porch rug
 This little guy hung around all day today. You know it's cold when they let you walk right up to them and they don't move. I made sure he had plenty food.

 It was raining, hailing and the sun was shining all at the same time

 Tomorrow morning I will put out some warm sugar water for him. I'm sure this will be frozen. I will also keep the lights on tonight so he can have a little warmth.
They are also saying possible snow flurries tonight.

Good Night All


  1. I think you had every kind of bad weather you can have in 24 hours and you can keep it. Stay warm.

  2. Good morning John,

    Staying warm is top priority.

  3. Good for you for making sure the little critter is taken care of!

  4. Hello Kim,

    Poor little guy, just checked and he still out there. But as long as he had his sugar water he should be OK.

  5. I live in Port Angeles, Wa. So I get to bitch about the rain a lot.

    Nice pictures.

  6. Hi BBC,
    I always have to remind myself that since this is the desert we need all the rain we can get. But yesterday was just a bit much.
    Glad you like the pictures

  7. What crazy weather, Jo! Hope it gets back to normal soon! Thanks for the pictures. Would be hard to imagine the combination without them.

    Glad you are looking out for the little bird. :)

  8. Hello Sharon,

    It was a crazy weather day to say the least.
    Hope your feeling better.

  9. I try to be grateful for the rain we get in Sacramento, but it isn't always easy. But hail is the worst! Hope you stay warm and dry.