Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weather Just Bit Better

It was very cloudy this morning and not to cold. But soon the temps dropped and we had some sun. It didn't last to long.

The little hummer was out there early hanging onto the feeder. He doesn't go far away. I don't know if he is just there to keep other hummers away or it is just so cold that he is using up his energy just trying to stay warm.

We took some walks but had to really bundle up. I had on a cap and my hood to my sweat jacket as the wind picked up again. Several times it looked like it would rain again but just some misty rain and not for long. It was just a good day to hunker down and crochet and read.
The sun really had it's work cut out for it trying to break through these clouds this morning

He hangs out here when he isn't on the feeder or wire to the Christmas lights

Good Night All


  1. Hope the weather warms for you and the hummer can relax a bit.

  2. Good morning John,
    I hope it warms up too. Enough of this already.

  3. The hummer is beautiful. Here is to a sunny, warmer day.

  4. Hi Nan,
    Isn't he great. Thank you for wishing us some warmer weather. I think this is going to be one of those winters here in AZ. more cold than not.

  5. The lone hummer! Hope it warms up for you there soon! It's cold again here, but I'm heading south tomorrow!