Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting Close!

I finally got the truck washed today. I went to the bank and took care of some business. Hit the Supper Wally and picked up some food for the trip. remembered I needed gas and filled up.
Made a green bean salad to take along. Tomorrow I'll make some brownies.

Made a list of things to bring along. I am staying longer since they canceled my Dr. apt for who knows when. I'll call them when  have time. No way I can get to that side of town by 8:30 am. It is the busiest  side of town at any hour but the worst is the morning rush. This is the second time they changed this apt. I understand emergencies but they also needed to understand my problem getting there at that time of day or after 2:30 and then trying to get back this way.
I remember when that side of town was nothing but desert. Now it is a metropolis.

Still trying to figure out how to get everything needed in the truck. But I'll manage.

Good Night All


  1. Life in the big city. When I moved to Denver it was a bunch of little towns close together then it became a big city and forced me out. Have a good trip away from the big city.

  2. Can't begin to imagine how you get everything you need for a trip in your truck. I have a 24' TT and just started fulltiming. It was hard to decide what to bring and what to get rid of when I downsized. Enjoy your travels.

  3. green bean salad and brownies... YAY

  4. Don't you just hate trying to keep appointments that are timed to get you in the worst traffic? I've had a lot of those lately, but fortunately my daughter drove me to most of them and the traffic doesn't bother her like it does me. Have a great trip and don't even think about the traffic!

  5. WooHoo!!!! Hope you have a GREAT trip!!!

  6. Good morning John,

    I have been here 28 yrs. and have seen so much growth and traffic. YUCK! Even though I will be very close to home it still feels like a long way off to be out there.

    Hi Jean,

    So you are out fulltiming now good for you. I have unloaded and reloaded a 100 times. It isn't easy stuffing everything in there. You really have to down size. this trip will surely let me know what I need and don't need that's for sure.

    Hello Kim,

    Yes finally!

    Hi Carolyn,

    And the brownies are sugar free and low fat as well. Those are to share with the rest of the ladies.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Even when someone else drives I am a wreck. Everyone is driving like they went crazy and darting from lane to lane. It doesn't matter that they aren't getting any where any faster
    If I am going somewhere without a time limit it is less nerve wracking to me. And what's great about this trip is it is all back roads.

    Hello Sharon,

    Yes WooHoo indeed. Thank You