Thursday, January 23, 2014

Truck Reloaded Again

I unloaded the truck again today. The only thing I removed was the single stove, and a small folding table of one. I didn't need the stove since Lucy fixed the 2 burner camp stove. Thank you Ms. Lucy. Instead of the small folding table I put a little larger one in and set it on the bed. Re arranged some small items and there is so much more room now. I can use a full sized ice chest. Fred's crate and toys are in the front seat. I made plain brownies and one with walnuts.  when I get home tomorrow I  will cook up some peppers and onions to take along too.  Since I don't have to leave Monday I am staying until Tues or Wed. So I won't leave until Sat.
Then my daughter Debbie called and invited me to go to lunch with her and little Cathy tomorrow so that sounded like fun.

Good Night All


  1. Do you cook when you're camping? or you all just tote stuff to eat the entire time? So far you have three pans of brownies... one from yesterday and two today? ... dang

    they wouldn't make it to a campground if I made brownies.. how can you resist their smell? and warm with vanilla ice cream... jeeeeeeez

    1. that you all means ... you and your camping pals... each of you brings your specialty? yumola

  2. I don't think I've ever pack my vehicle the same way twice. I wish I could get a good system going but my mind doesn't work systematically any more. Have a great trip - wish I was going someplace.

  3. Packing to me is an evolution. Once I get a good system (the things I need most often are readily available.... the things needed least in spots that don't require me to move them much), then I can maintain packing in the same way..... until then it is a fiasco.... Small spaces are always the hardest and then there is always things that I THINK I need but really don't.... then out they go!! Sounds like you are getting there.... Have fun!!

  4. yeeehhhh JO you are finally going. Have a wonderful tme

  5. yeeehhhh JO you are finally going. Have a wonderful tme

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    No there are only 2 containers of brownies. Some things are premade other things get made at the camp ground. either BBQ or made on the camp stove.

    Hi Gypsy,

    In order for all of it to fit it must be done as tight as possible. You will be going someplace soon just keep a positive outlook on getting better.

    Hello Karen,

    Yes getting things where they need to be is tops in such a small place. The things that need to come out are put in last. After that there so much more room. This trip is all about what is not needed and what is. I hope I will find lots of not needed items and no more needed LOL

    Hi Ms. Lucy,

    Yes the time is finally here. Glad I decided to wait a day wind is really blowing out there this morning.

  7. My 5th wheel is full of things I never use, we don't really need all we think we do for trips. I'm thinking I'll put hard walls on the old tent trailer, it's plenty big enough for me and a lot lighter and easier to tow than the 5th wheel.

    Cuz I'm thinking about a trip to Texas to meet a blogging friend. Last August I went Montana to meet DOC TERI AND HER HUBBY.

    We all had a great time...

  8. It's fun to meet other bloggers I have met a few along the way. Saw a tent trailer on Craig's list today for 500. hahaha canvas looked sad,