Friday, January 24, 2014

Windy Day And Chilly Too

Sure happy I changed my mind about leaving today. The wind woke me up about 5am. So I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour. When I got up I grabbed my heavier sweat jacket and I sure was happy about that. It was quite chilly and Fred made a quick job of it.  Turned up the heat and had my nice hot cup of coffee.

I went to lunch today with Debbie and my little adopted daughter Cathy. We talked about her up coming engagement party and wedding. Debbie is in the wedding and she brought her dress for Cathy to see. It is really pretty but very heavy. I told Debbie to get those cold scarves and hide them under the dress. We had a fun lunch

The wind continued and it was very cloudy. After lunch I ran into Dollar Tree to pick up some clips to hold the tarp on the screen room.

Tomorrow I'll pick up ice on my way out to the campground and my friends should be there around noon.

Good Night All


  1. Hope you have a fantastic time, Jo!!! So glad you are getting on the road!!!

  2. You have been patiently waiting for a great camping trip - enjoy it.

  3. Hi Karen

    It is very cloudy out this morning, when I took Fred out you could smell rain. It drizzled last night there is a plant here that gives off scent when wet. But I'm going anyway.

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks me too!

    Hello Gypsy,

    Yes I have and today is the day. Thank you I will.