Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm Here!

I made it finally. The weather is beautiful as a matter of fact it was really hot in the sun.
I tried to put up the screen room and now it is lying on the ground. I think it would take 4 people to put up that eze up piece of crap. Oh well.

Dianne and Dy showed up around 3:30 after Dianne had a problem after some really bad work done on her RV in AP. First they over filled the rv with oil, then they put a new fastener on the outside to keep the door open. Once she opened the door it got stuck and she couldn't close it. She made an apt. at Camping world and they got it unstuck but if she opens it to that point it will take a crowbar to get it unstuck again.
Well a nice drink helped her calm down

Good Night All


  1. Amazing how a nice drink can calm a person down. I think you should try the screen room again, take a deep breath and start all over. Until you really see and comprehend how it goes up it isn't always easy, but doing it several times makes it become easy. I haven't set mine up in 2 or 3 years and I know it would be slow going at first.. Most of them aren't complicated, just big. Good luck.

  2. Glad you made it! Hope it's all just having fun camping and being together now!

  3. Glad you are finally out and camping, Jo. Have a bunch of fun!!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    Not going to mess with it, its trying to get the polls to stand and it just keeps falling over. I would rather just enjoy my stay than be in pain from trying to set that dam thing up.

    Hello Sharon,

    I am so happy to be here too! The electric heater worked great to great, need to trade it out for the one that has thermostat have one at home. The nights are cold but it is already warming up at 8am

    Hi Sue,
    Yes it has been a long time coming. Hope your enjoying the cruise

  5. I put up all kinds of things that are supposed to take more than one person to put up, just pretty skilled I guess.