Friday, January 31, 2014

Windy, Cloudy Day

The wind sure was whipping around today.
I cleaned up the rest of my room of clothing that I forgot to take out to the camper and made a pile to go out there.
I needed to  pick up a few groceries today but really didn't want to be in all that wind and dust. But I made myself get out there and get it done.  I also wanted to stop at Family Dollar as they had totes on sale and I needed one. So of course I forgot to stop and went on home.

Put away the groceries and had a salad for lunch. I then decided to go back and look at the totes.  Not the size I want or need. I'll try Walmart maybe Monday if not well I just don't know I guess I can just use another small one.

Other than those to runs and taking a few walks with Fred  I tried to stay indoors. I finished a hat and started another one.

Hope tomorrow the wind will be gone I have things to do outdoors.

Good Night All


  1. 'night Jo... the wind always makes it nasty! whether it's cold or sand... tomorrow will be wonderful ... I have declared it so ...

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I think it will be too at 6am it was really calm and not very cold. YES!

  3. If it is decent here today maybe I'll work on getting the 5th wheel heater back together.

  4. BBC,
    Hope the weather works for you

  5. It's looking okay out there, but first I have to take a nap. :-)

  6. Hope you find the right tote. And that you and Fred can get out and enjoy being outdoors soon!