Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time To Plan

Finished cleaning up the camper, remade bed. Finally remembered to put a handle on the door so I can grab it from inside to close it. Cut down the curtain for the back window as it was to big. Crazy glued the Velcro to the curtains and relined the rest of the Velcro.  Removed items not needed. If it isn't windy tomorrow I'll spray paint the shower canister.

Now to figure out where I want to go next. I have been leaning toward Madera Canyon. I hear Roper Lake is really nice and then there is the new place La Siesta which has 2 small lakes. Of course I may have to wait until March to go again. And Tombstone and Bisbee sound really good to.
Lot to think about.

Good Night All


  1. Sound like the wheels are turning, plotting and planning.

  2. Hello Gypsy,
    Thank you I am too! Now to get through Feb. and house repairs and I am off.

    Good morning John,

    Yes so many places to see lots of them right here but I have to get those out of the way in cooler temps. Of course if I don't get to do them all now there is always fall.

  3. shower canister, what is that?

  4. Hi BBC,

    It is a 2 gl. sprayer and a kitchen sink sprayer attached to the hose. Spraying it black and placing in the sun will heat the water.

  5. Ah, I also use a two gallon sprayer, but not with a kitchen sink spray head. Use it to rinse dishes, rinse the porta-pottie bowl cuz that takes less water than the pottie water system, put out camp fires and such. And of course they make a fair to piddling shower.

  6. Solar heating seldom works well here, too damn much rain, or cloudy if it isn't raining. Sometimes I get tired of living here but it is always green and there is plenty of water everywhere.

  7. BBC plenty of sun here water heats well. It would have worked with it's own sprayer just not as good.


    But I don't do a lot of camping there, there are still two wilderness areas here we can use for free, just find a spot you like and set up camp.

    And I belong to the local black powder/mountain man club, we have about 20 acres with plenty of camping area for members only.