Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Making The Right Choice

Today I finished washing the bedding for the camper and surfing the net for my next buy. I am weighing out the difference between a tent and a screen room. With the tent there would be no reason to wrap anything around it to protect from rain, wind and cold. The screen room is much cheaper, the tent is considerably more expensive.

I did find the information on the passes for NM online. Tomorrow I will check on it further.

Fred goes to the groomer in the morning it only takes 1/2 to clean him up and clip his nails.

I need to get the shower canister sprayed black and put on the clamps for the hose, while I'm at it I guess I'll spray the lamp post in front it looks like crap.

Then maybe remake the bed in the camper if not maybe the next day no rush.

Good Night All


  1. You're sure planning a lot of work for yourself. Don't forget you can always put if off until tomorrow.

  2. Your last comment says it all for us retired folks - "no rush".

  3. Nice to hear about your plan of work. Nice to check the product details in online before buying it. Making yourself always busy.

  4. Good morning John,

    I thought it was a lot less? lol Yes there is always tomorrow..

    Hello Gypsy,

    I rushed for many, many years as most of us did. No more rushing for this lady.

    Hello Weekend,

    I wish I would have read better about the last buy or is it that I just saw a cheap price and went for it. Now it will cost more in the long run. But we are never to old to learn.

  5. Maybe a tent with big windows and zip over flaps in case it rains? Most bugs don't bother me so I don't have a screen room.

    Doc Teri put up a big screen room when we went to Montana, flying bugs drives her ape shit. :-)

    A humming bird got in it, had a heck of a time getting it out.

    I have one of those 'E-Z' pop-up shelters, I think you can get screen walls for them. E-Z it isn't, it is a pain in the butt to put up and take down.


    Most of them require two people to get up easy, The legs slide into each other to make them compact for storage. The problem with that is the buttons you have to push to adjust them are HARD to push.

    I had to remove mine and keep a little bag of 3/8" bolts to put in the holes when I put it up.