Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I got home around 11 am starving for breakfast and a nice hot shower.
Pulled everything out of camper and washed 2 loads of clothes and sheets. Still need to wash blanket and comforter. But a nap took over and it sure felt good.

The trip did help me figure out what is needed and I guess tomorrow I will start looking into some choices. Will get a privacy tent for sure. My mistake with the ez up instead of instant up was a real pain. So I will look at some of the instant up screen room or tent.
Have to cut down the fake grass rug in half. Even though we measured and cut it before it still needs to be cut more. But at least I have extra for replacements.

Well I am still ready for more rest and an early night.

Good Night All


  1. Do you have a picture of your E-Z up screen house, and can you post it? I'm curious as to how much (or not) different it is than mine. Anything that has cross pieces over the top and is taller than you when set up, takes some getting used to erecting. It's not all that bad, at least mine isn't. But if you prefer to get the instant up, then you should.

  2. As an avid camper and back to the lander I get by on one or two showers a year. When I get around to it I do some laundry.

  3. Most of my shelters and so called pop up's are supposed to take two people but I still manage to put them up on my own at 70.

  4. First trip was a learning experience, now you will be better prepared for the next trip.

  5. That was fast! :)

    Hope you can post pictures the next trip. I miss them!

  6. I always refer to mine as a 'Not so Easy Up'. Well after I broke one of the top accordion braces it goes up pretty darn easy.... I can even get it up by myself. Not sure what I will get next but I sure like having a large shade shelter. I also have a tent that functions as screen tent It is a Paha tent and has large windows on all sides and a fly that covers a screen top so it is pretty wide open. Glad you had a good time!!

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    I got the cross pieces together but could not complete the stand up I tried to stake each one as I put it up but they just came right out. I will go with the instant up. If you look on any site that has camping gear you can see it. It is under $50.

    BBC how wonderful for you.

    Good morning John,

    Yes that was the reason for this trip and of course to just get away. :) I hope to get away again in Feb. But I have work being done on the house so I will have to see what the cost of that will be.

    Hi Sharon,

    I know I was able to finally post my problem yesterday,. before that I couldn't even get to google or blogger. Hope they fix this. I took one picture I am going to print and hang in my house. Don't you belong to RVBuddies? If you do I posted there.

    Hello Karen,

    I am going to check out the tent also but what ever I get has to instant up. CPD is zapping my strength in my shoulders and upper arms so a little easier system is an absolute.

  8. When I sold my 32 foot boat and took up camping my first unit was a tent. Got to a campground and started reading the directions and it said it took two people to put it up, I managed to get it up alone but it wasn't real easy.

    Later I got a great idea, the tent is seven feet high in the center so I cut a seven foot long 2X2 and put a pad on the end of it. Stake down the corners, go in with the pole and use it to hold the center of the tent (any shelter like that) up, then you can go out and install the bows. Makes things a lot easier.

    I put clothes hooks on the 2X2 and just leave it there to hang things on.

  9. Sounds like your getting the camper squared away congratz!

  10. To be clear about one step, put the bows through the sleeves and hooks before installing the center pole to hold the tent or shelter up.

  11. BBC,
    Sounds like I something I can try. I have a piece of wood that tall.

    Hi Nomad,

    It was a good learning curve for sure. Thanks
    How is Candy doing?