Saturday, February 15, 2014

Early Post And a Few More Pictures

Tired today, been busy running to Lowe's, buying flowers and then a quick change of clothes to meet my daughter Tracy for a Birthday lunch. Back home another change into my work clothes and replanting flowers. I realized I didn't have a small shovel so ran to Family Dollar and no small shovel so I bought a cheap $1. kitchen spoon and came back and finished planting. Sat out to look at the flowers and of course move everything around. 

I then brought my African Violets out to the shed found the little  shovel and replanted them into pots and dirt I bought for them 2 yrs. ago I hope they will be much happier.

I just kinda liked the way it looked with sun on the tree and the blue sky

 Dianne and Dy at the last gathering
 Terry who drove over to have dinner with us and say HI
Yep the battery was running low

Going to post this before the computer crashes.

Good Night All


  1. Sometimes I think it is a test to just buy the simplest of items only to find they aren't in the 3 stores we have here. Might be a slight exaggeration but not by much.

  2. I like today's pictures, but I was hoping for some of your dancing yesterday.

  3. I would love to see a picture of you, Jo. I know we'll meet some day and I want to recognize you.

  4. Hello JMD,

    Yes it is a pain and then to go into the shed and find the thing. I have one more to replant but know I am out of potting soil.

    Hello Erik,

    Thank you.

    Good Morning John,

    That won't happen, it would be like giving away an old family recipe.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I hate having my picture taken but I think I have posted a time or 2 .

  5. Oh, Jo! You can post pictures again! What a treat!

    So glad to see you planting flowers and doing spring things. Our last frost date is May 1, so it will be a while for us.

    I do have some bulbs that I want to get in around the first of March.

  6. yay! pictures... very pretty ~ I know what you mean by the way the sun reflects on the trees and the blue blue sky .. so pretty.

  7. Hello Sharon,

    I transfer the pictures from my lap top to the desk top so I can post.

    I maybe planting to soon but we shall see. It has gotten down right warm here.
    I hope you thaw out soon.

    Hello Carolyn,

    Thank you I may post more later for tonight. Going to look through the pictures and transfer them to the desk top.

  8. Hi, Jo! Just dropping by to see what you are up to. I see you are busy as ever. You amaze me with your energy. I dropped out of blog reading for a while in case you haven't noticed. I'll never catch up, but I'm going to try to check my favorites once a week. Hope Fred is doing well. Give him pats from Jack and me.

  9. Hello Nancy and Jack,

    Hope all is well with you both. I really don't have that much energy so I have to push myself really hard but in the end it usually is worth it.

    Pats to Jack from us too.