Sunday, February 16, 2014

No Pictures Tonight

Avast found more virus on the desk top so I will just do a short post as it was taking to long to fix. I really didn't have to much to upload anyway.

Had a really nice day today with daughter Debbie and her hubby Tony. They took me to lunch and gave me a really nice purse. It was fun.  We finished putting things in the shed and now the tailgate to the truck in finally put away too.

I spent time out on the porch with Fred and read and played a hand held solitaire game. Then took a walk with Fred. It was kind of over cast most of the afternoon and I thought there would be a great sun set but no I guess to much of a cloud cover.

Good Night All


  1. It's nice to be able to go out to eat with other folks. I normally don't eat out much, but it's the company I enjoy.

  2. Don't you just hate those viruses. Finally got fed up with having issues with my blog and changed to a new one. Hated having to change.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    Yes I don't eat out alone. I go out with my friends for lunch or my girls. This week will be lots of lunches so I will have to be very careful what I eat and maybe just do salads for supper.

    Hello Phyllis,

    Yes I could read your other blog but not comment it always brought me to some crazy page. I already put your new blog in my favorites thank you for the new link.